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Royals Rumblings - News for October 9, 2019

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Must. Pat.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Voting is still open for the Hank Aaron award, for which Jorge Soler is a finalist. Are we still doing the thing where Royals fans vote in ridiculous numbers for online things? If so: go do that.

At Kings of Kauffman, Jordan Foote lays out how new Royals owner John Sherman can move the culture away from small market = can’t be expected to contend:

What Sherman can do is hire a staff that will improve on what the last regime was able to accomplish. The Houston Astros’ market size is significantly larger than Kansas City’s, but they’re the closest thing the MLB has to copying the 2014-2015 Royals model.

Lose, lose again, and then lose some more. Acquire a ton of young talent. Develop it and bring it up to the MLB level around the same time. Sign/trade for elite, yet complementary, pieces to round out the roster and put the team over the top.

General Manager Dayton Moore appeared on the Big Time Baseball podcast with Jon Heyman and Josh Lewin to talk about the manager search:

We have yet to go through a formal interview. Like a lot of organizations, we are vetting candidates. We always look internally first...with every position...and we’re certainly going to do that with the manager position.

Cody Rickman at KC Kingdom outlines trade scenarios for Whit Merrifield with the Angels, Brewers, and Phillies.

Also at KC Kingdom, Travis Neely applauds the Royals for their plans to extend netting from foul pole to foul pole.

The Minnesota Twins have lost 16 playoff games in a row in a span that began in 2004.

Las Vegas just got a new Triple-A team this year (with enviable uniforms), but evidently could also be the new home of the Oakland A’s as the hideous fight between the team and municipalities drags on.

A dog was buried under an air conditioner and other rubble in Hurricane Dorian, almost a month ago, and survived.

An island inhabited by almost exclusively women exists in Estonia. If you never hear from me again, it’s because I have moved there. It’s like a real-life Herland!

The advice column letter of the week comes once again from Ask A Manager: “I have a crush on my boss and he’s being standoffish.” Alison was quite gentle with the letter writer while still delivering the basic message of “nooooo you actually can’t consider your boss part of your dating pool.”

Let this wistful jam from Butch Walker ease you into your Wednesday.