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Royals Rumblings - News for November 21, 2019

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Could the Royals get rid of four minor league affiliates?

Clinton Riddle

Royals Rumblings - News for November 21, 2019

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy gives his thoughts on newest 40-man roster additions.

The Royals may have surprised some with the additions of Jeison Guzman and Foster Griffin Wednesday but perhaps we shouldn’t have been. If one is comparing players to Elvis Luciano then Guzman makes a pretty decent comparable. For one he’s a shortstop/third baseman who could probably survive on a 26 man roster with his defensive versatility on a poor major league squad. Offensively he possesses some upside with a power profile that could see him hitting 20 or more home runs in the future.

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam guesses how the Royals’ offseason will go.

But I’m not expecting anything major. The Royals are in the part of the rebuild that usually shaves payroll.

They will — to answer another question that was submitted — likely give Bubba Starling the benefit of the doubt in center field, for instance. They’re in a spot where they can afford (financially and otherwise) to see which of a group of 10 or so pre-arbitration players they can build around.

Most notably, they’ll plan their roster with the expectation that Brady Singer and Jackson Kowar will lead a wave of minor leaguers transitioning to the majors.

They need to give those guys opportunities and see who can help. It’s the right baseball thing to do and comes with the added benefit of saving money.

Lynn Worthy covers the news that some minor league teams could lose their affiliations.

Former Legends president and CEO Alan Stein helped bring the team to Lexington and sold his share of ownership in 2015. Stein told the paper, “This breaks my heart. It breaks my heart for Lexington. It’s not a sad day yet but it is certainly one of great anxiety.”

Omaha General Manager Martie Cordaro also gave his thoughts.

Sam Miller at ESPN lists one genie’s wish from each team’s fanbase.

Commissioner Rob Manfred says there will be no concessions for labor peace.

Former Nationals outfielder Gerardo Parra will play in Japan next year.

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Why the Yankees need a true ace.

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The off-season has been slow in the Korean baseball league too.

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