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Weekend Rumblings - News for November 24, 2019

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The Cubs still covet Whit.

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for November 24, 2019

As David Glass exits, Sam Mellinger gives him credit.

Glass also deserves credit on multiple fronts. First, he kept the Royals in Kansas City in the 1990s as contraction became a real fear locally and tangible prospect around the league.

Second, he made a distinct shift in 2006, committing money, support and autonomy for a new direction with Moore, then widely regarded as the game’s top general manager prospect.

The Royals remade their organizational infrastructure, from updating the company’s computer system to adding and modernizing minor-league affiliates, to increased spending on amateur talent.

Jon Morosi says the Cubs are still interested in trading for Whit Merrifield.

Second baseman Whit Merrifield has been an under-the-radar star with the Royals for several years, but the Cubs might try to bring him into the spotlight.’s Jon Paul Morosi reports that Chicago is showing “continued interest” in trading for Merrifield, who just completed the first season of the four-year, $16.25 million extension he signed with Kansas City at the beginning of 2019. Merrifield remains cheap even after signing that extension (he’ll make $5 million in ’20), and the Cubs could be in the market for a middle infielder to slot next to Javier Báez.

David Lesky has some thoughts on the catching depth.

They were never going to carry four on the 40-man and moved on from Nick Dini in the Rule 5 purge of players, which I didn’t quite get the need to do so quickly, but also I can’t imagine it actually hurts them. The rumor is that they’re not enamored with Cam Gallagher, so he might be on the move as well at some point soon. I like Gallagher, but he also isn’t anything special and likely profiles as a backup or a very low-level starter at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a couple solid years as a starter somewhere before the electronic strike zone takes over, but I could see them flipping him in a very minor deal in the next few weeks.

At Royals Academy, Clint Scoles gave his thoughts on the 40-man roster decisions.

The Royals made the surprising addition of Jeison Guzman the other day and while some have pointed out his Low-A stats as a reason they shouldn’t have I think that misses the point. Next season you can write off the seasons of Miami, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle and probably Pittsburgh. Those teams like Toronto last year will be looking for additions to their farm system as much as anything at the major league level. A player that can play the middle infield and has upside power can be hidden on a 26 man roster very easily for a couple of months before finding his place on the injured list and added to the minors the next season.

The Royals will get a nationwide audience next March.

Michael Huckins at Kings of Kauffman makes the case for the Royals to pursue free agent pitcher Nick Goody.

Royals Farm Report discuss the 40-man roster and cutting minor league teams in their latest podcast episode.

The Mariners sign minor league first baseman Evan White to a six-year deal.

Jose Abreu agrees to a three-year, $50 million extension with the White Sox.

Rob Arthur at Baseball Prospectus finds the Astros offense did benefit from sign-stealing.

The Yankees will not pay Jacoby Ellsbury, saying he received unauthorized medical treatment.

The Braves plan to spend some money this winter.

Fernando Tatis, Jr. demands a trade - from his winter ball team.

Which pitcher can be the next Gerrit Cole?

The Yankees hire the first female full-time hitting instructor.

Wall Street is getting into sports betting.

The Premier League has an elite manager drought.

Here are the jokes about Elon Musk’s Cybertruck.

The aspect ratio on Disney Plus means you miss out on some Simpsons gags.

JJ Abrams says Rey’s ability to grasp the force quickly is not an accident in Star Wars.

Your song of the day is John Coltrane with Wise One.