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Thanksgiving Day Rumblings - News for November 28, 2019

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Jimmy Gobble, Gobble.

American Thanksgiving Dinner Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Thanksgiving Day Rumblings - News for November 28, 2019

Writing at The Athletic, Rany Jazayerli compiles an all-decade team for the Royals.

Center field: Jarrod Dyson, 2010-16 (12.4)

Whoa now, you might say, where’s Lorenzo Cain? This is where the all-decade team gets fun. Famously, Dyson was a 50th-round pick in 2006. The Royals took a flier on the kid from Southwest Mississippi Community College, the kid who years later would be revving it up on the basepaths in the most pivotal of Royals moments. His 12.4 Royals WAR won’t blow anyone away, but he fits in this spot because his presence, especially late in games, was absolutely vital to the Royals’ run in 2014 and ’15. When he pinch-ran or entered defensively, he filled out an outfield (alongside Gordon and Cain) that is arguably the best defensive trio of the decade.

Jeffrey Flanagan writes about the best wins for the Royals this year.

The Royals stunned the Progressive Field faithful with a five-run ninth inning to win, 8-6, in a game that mattered far more to the Indians than the Royals. This was the type of game that let the American League know that the Royals simply weren’t going to lay down despite their record and their rebuilding process.

What does it tell us about 2020?

Hunter Dozier, who had a breakthrough season in 2019, delivered in the clutch against the Indians’ best: closer Brad Hand. Dozier blasted his first career grand slam in the ninth to pull out the victory. If the Royals are going to return to prominence, it will be moments like these that give Dozier and his teammates the confidence to be competitive again. To the Royals, this win in June felt like a postseason victory.

David Schoenfield at ESPN lists Whit Merrifield as one of the players that could get traded this winter.

Maybe the best reason to keep Merrifield, however, is that the AL Central could be wide open in a couple of years and the Royals do have some talented young pitchers on the cusp of the majors. Merrifield will still be a valuable contributor to a potential good Royals team in 2021 or 2022. I’d lean to trading him -- what are the odds all the young pitching will deliver? -- but as much as we keep trying to trade Merrifield, the Royals will keep him.

Former Royals reliever is accused of punching a man at a cockfight.

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman loooks at the best and worst uniforms in Royals history.

The Pirates hire Twins hitting coach Derek Shelton as their manager.

Drew Pomeranz signs a four-year deal with the Padres.

The Brewers swap Zach Davies and Trent Grisham to the Padres for Luis Urias and Eric Lauer.

The Orioles plan to put infielder Jonathan Villar on waivers.

Which players may have benefitted from Astros sign-stealing?

The everlasting bond between fans and baseball broadcasters.

How to fix the Veteran’s Committee Hall of Fame selection process.

The Hall of Fame case for Marvin Miller.

The Arena Football League ceases operations and files for bankruptcy.

Why the Dallas Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving.

TikTok is accused of censoring anti-Chinese content.

Twitter halts its plan to remove inactive accounts to allow memorializing accounts from users that passed away.

Fred Rogers was an uncompromising artist.

Your song of the day is James Brown with Mashed Potatoes, USA. From everyone at Royals Review, try to avoid arguing with family members on whether the Royals should trade Whit Merrified and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.