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Win a custom Kauffman Stadium print from Ballpark Blueprints

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Get a gift for the Royals lover in your life.

Looking for a gift for your Kansas City Royals-loving family or friends? There’s a lot of options for you. One such option is from the good folks at Ballpark Blueprints. Their Kauffman Stadium architectural blueprint comes in all price ranges, from coffee mugs to museum-quality prints to fleece stadium blankets and full-sized wall murals.

Ballpark Blueprints created a promotion for Royals Review readers (hey, that’s you!) From now through through December 31st, take 10% off their entire purchase by using the code ROYALSREVIEW at checkout. There are no order restrictions, so knock yourself out.

In addition, Ballpark Blueprints has kindly donated an unframed print (size 18” by 24”) and a t-shirt that you can enter into our very unofficial sweepstakes to win.

The entrance period is closed

Oh, and for those of you who are waiting for the traditional Royals Review Christmas Guide, do not worry. It is coming. Soon, very soon. And it will be glorious.