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Royals Rumblings - News for November 4, 2019

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Alex Gordon is golden.

Chicago Cubs v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for November 4, 2019

Alex Gordon talks about winning another Gold Glove.

“I’m sure I can always find room,” Gordon said in a conference call Sunday night. “They always do a great job with the award and how it looks. It’ll go down in my basement in a trophy room. But when you walk in, those Gold Gloves always stand out.”

Jeffrey Flanagan identifies some top off-season needs for the Royals.


Relief pitching

The Royals had the second-worst bullpen in the American League last season, and that’s an area that must be addressed. They moved veteran starter Ian Kennedy to the bullpen in 2019 and he responded superbly with 30 saves. Right-hander Scott Barlow and left-hander Tim Hill each finished strong and serve as strong candidates to be setup men in 2020. But as Kansas City sorts through numerous young relievers, it also could use some cost-efficient veteran guys to serve as mentors, as lefty Jake Diekman did last season. General manager Dayton Moore and his staff will be on the lookout for affordable arms.

In his Friday notes, David Lesky had some thoughts on the Mike Matheny hiring.

The other thing is the idea that people are comparing people’s disdain for this hire with their disdain for the Ned Yost hire. I was one of the people who was fine with Yost but thought it was uninspired. But here’s the difference between Yost and Matheny. You can point to what Yost did well in Milwaukee. He helped the young talent they had to develop and turn into winners. He got them almost to the finish line before being replaced because of a number of reasons, but he had proven that he could help a young team develop. Matheny is sort of the opposite. He’s won a lot of games. He had good players and won a lot of games. But he doesn’t really have much to hang his hat on other than that (which might lead to a question of should there be anything other than that?). He struggled with in-game management. He struggled with developing young talent (though he had some successes too). He struggled with the media. He struggled with the clubhouse.

Travis Neely at KC Kingdom thinks Matheny is the right hire.

Jordan Foote of Kings of Kauffman talked to Ryan O’Hearn about a potential platoon next year.

Coming up through the system, I’ve seen a lot of really good players come and go. In this business, life can come at you really fast, and one bad season hurts a lot. Especially on a team that’s trying to put together the people they want to be a part of their future. With that being said, my mentality this offseason and going into spring training is to compete my butt off to 1: Make the team and 2: Show Dayton, the front office and the coaching staff that I’m part of the Kansas City Royals’ future.

If that means platooning with “Broomy,” then that’s fine with me. Obviously I want to be an everyday guy, and I know I can handle left-handed pitching. I’m tired of that being a thing without a doubt. But whatever I’m asked to do, I will put my whole heart into it! looks at the most untouchable player in each organization.

Royals -- Bobby Witt Jr., SS, age 19: Of all the players in the Royals’ system most likely to be on the next Royals postseason team, the No. 1 overall pick from last June’s Draft is the most likely, right?

The United States blanked The Netherlands 9-0 in the first Olympic qualifier game. Daniel Tillo is impressing pitching for Team USA.

Oh, its just the World Champion Nationals shirtless on a zamboni machine at a hockey game.

Aroldis Chapman and the Yankees agree on a contract extension, so what are the luxury tax implications?

Stephen Strasburg will opt out of his Nationals contract and the Padres plan to pursue him.

The players that will have to make decisions on a Qualifying Offer.

What was the team of the decade?

Why Juan Soto is on track to become baseball’s next big superstar.

Japanese slugger Yoshitomo Tsutsugo is ready to come stateside.

No one likes the automated strike zone in the Arizona Fall League.

Alex Rodriguez regrets not signing with the Mets.

Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli threatens to walk off the pitch after being subjected to racist taunts.

Twitter and Facebook don’t plan to bid on big time sports broadcasting rights.

What does Apple TV+ want to be?

Vice accidentally uncovered a nationwide scam on Airbnb.

Inside Hot Ones, the violently spicy talk show with hot wings.

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