The Trade The Royals Should Make This Offseason.

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The Royals are rebuilding, whether they say it or not. Whit Merrifield (is still good, but) aging, whether they say it or not. The Royals have money, whether they say it or not.

All are factual statements, whether they say it or not.

The Padres are ready to compete, whether they say it or not. Wil Myers is overpayed, whether they say it or not. The Padres would love to get rid of his contract, whether they say it or not.

All are factual statements, whether they say it or not. This is a trade that benefits The Padres in not just accquiring an All-Star player, but also in payroll relief. This trade benefits The Royals in that they accquire prospects, a very needed step in the rebuilding process.


PADRES RECIEVE: Whit Merrifield

ROYALS RECIEVE: Wil Myers (full contract), Luis Urius, Tirso Ornelas, Hudson Head

Why The Royals Say Yes: It's hard to trade your best player, but it can be necessary. I feel this is the case for The Royals. I also know eating Wil Myers contract (67.5M over 3 year, then a 1M buyout) isn't exactly cheap, but a move like this is a creative way for rebuilding teams to add prospects outside of the draft and the international market. Wil Myers isn't exactly washed, so that lessens the prospect return some, but even bringing in Myers wouldn't be completely dissimilar to some of the resurrection type deals The Royals have made of late, the only difference is the money attached to the deal, but the way you view it is as if you're buying prospects with that money. The Royals have done a good job of building a steady stable of arms in the system, but it's not nearly as pretty for the hitting side of the system. In Urius, they get someone who I honestly feel was an overrated prospect (was rated as a top 30 prospect by some before his debut), but that doesn't mean he isn't a good player. Urius is a similar played to Nicky Lopez, but has performed better throughout his whole career while hitting for more power, in fact Urius is similar to Whit Merrifield, though honestly not near the baserunner as Whit. Accquiring Urius might force a move for Nicky to a utility type role, which is probably what Nicky will need to do to reach his maximum value. Tirso Ornelas is still a very intriguing prospect despite taking a step back this year. Ornelas profiles as a corner outfielder with offensive tools, though the power has been more projection than production to this point. The guy in this trade that really would move the envelope for me is Hudson Head. Head is the type of athlete The Royals love, and he should stick in center even as he grows into power. Head isn't dissimilar to what Wil Myers was as a prospect (before he broke out and became the number 1 prospect in baseball), though Myers grew into a corner OF'er while Head is all the way a CF'er. Though it's hard to see Head have that type of breakout, he could definitely be a top 100 prospect, and that could happen soon.

Why The Padres Say Yes: The Padres would be giving up 3 legitimate prospect (well 2 after Urius has graduated from the system) in this trade, so I don't think it would be exactly easy for them to pull the trigger, but accquiring an all-star player with positional flexibility makes a lot of sense. Whit would likely bat leadoff, and do a good job setting the order for the run producers in the lineup. He could play 2B or OF depending on where they need him. Getting rid of the Myers contract would free up some of the money needed to go after Strasburg (or others). This trade would help The Padres immensely in the short term (next 3 to 5 years), though if a couple of the prospect they send in return reach close to their full potential there may be some regret. Overall I think this is a mostly fair trade, but truthfully I think it benefits The Padres slightly because none of the prospect going back are slam dunk prospects.

I won't write paragraphs on why either team would say no, but if I had to give why I think they would, I think The Royals say no because either they want to build around Whit and/or the prospect return isn't enough, whereas The Padres would say no because they aren't that desperate to get rid of Wil Myers and/or they actually like Urius more than Merrifield going forward.

I know these hypothetical trades are silly, and it's really just playing GM in the boring baseball offseason (thank god for The Chiefs making it at least able to live through), but I think more than the made up trade, the idea I'm trying to push more than anything is the idea of eating a bad contract in this time of rebuild. The Royals really don't have much money committed going forward, and the only guy they'd have to pay before 2024 is Jorge Soler, who is a DH. There's ways to add to the system besides just the draft and international market, and I would like to see the Royals take advantage of these additional ways.

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