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Royals Rumblings - News for November 6, 2019

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Wednesday. That’s the one in the middle of the week, I hear.

Flippity floppity ears
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Lynn Worthy at the Kansas City Star checked in with JJ Picollo about top pitching prospect Brady Singer.

“I could throw [my changeup] in the zone and out of the zone when I wanted to, just kind of like my slider,” Singer said while in Kansas City at the end of September. “I could get ahead with my slider and then I could throw it out of the zone. I feel like I could do that with my changeup as well.”

Singer credited both Wilmington pitching coach Steve Luebber and Northwest Arkansas pitching coach Doug Henry for working through Singer’s growing pains with the changeup as he tried different ways of throwing it.

“We made a little bit of adjustments, grip-wise and where to put some pressure on. I think a lot of it is just the way I’m thinking of throwing it — throw it just like a fastball,” Singer said.

At The Athletic, Alec Lewis put together a sweeping blueprint for the Royals this offseason, including a look at who will be added to the 40-man to avoid losing them in next month’s Rule 5 draft:

We’ll start with the most obvious: Nick Heath. You might know the outfielder from videos such as this. Or you might know the 25-year-old from his statistics: In 2019, he stole 60 bases. The Royals see value in Heath’s speed and ability, and they’re not alone.

He might be on the 40-man roster by the start of next season.

A few other players who could be protected: Former first-round pick Foster Griffin, flamethrowing starter Carlos Hernandez, catcher Sebastian Rivero, infielder Jeison Guzman and outfielder Seuly Matias.

Also at The Athletic, Joe Posnanski wrote about the duality of Mike Matheny, and makes this creative Google Maps analogy about baseball managers:

It’s so easy to forget that the difference between the “right” decision and “wrong” decision in baseball is often the difference between two Google Maps routes, one which will get there you there in 39 minutes, the other in 41. Sometimes you take the 39-minute route and, oh no, a meteor shower hits and you find yourself behind a giant hole in the ground. We reporters then ask you why you didn’t foresee that meteor shower — are your meteor shower analytics behind the rest of baseball?

And heaven help you if, because of a gut feeling, you took the 41-minute route thinking you would beat traffic and that didn’t work out. That’s when people will say you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and need to be canned immediately.

The team-by-team free agency outlook at Kings of Kauffman continues with Jordan Foote taking a look at which Houston Astros free agents might fit Kansas City’s needs.

Also at KoK, Shawn Bauman looked back at Zack Greinke’s three best Royals seasons.


The St. Louis Cardinals have extended their manager Mike Matheny Shildt.

The Giants claimed former Royals pitcher Trevor Oaks, who missed all of 2019 after having hip surgery.

The era of “stick to sports” is dead forever, writes Jay Busbee.

College basketball has started! Who is your team and why are they better than the favorite team of everyone else here?


Some ways to stop Twitter from randomly refreshing. (Context for non-Twitter users: this is a “feature” wherein you’ll be looking at a Tweet, and before you can even finish reading it, much less hit the buttons to like, retweet, or reply, the app refreshes and suddenly there are new tweets loaded, and the one you are looking at is lost. It sounds so small but it is aggravating.)

The self-driving Uber car that killed a person in Tempe, Arizona was not programmed to recognize or react to jaywalkers.

Making new friends at work is such a beautiful thing:

Were there elections where you live last night? What was on the ballots, and how did it go? My house is outside of the Council Bluffs city limits by a hilariously short distance, so I wasn’t able to vote for local stuff. Any local changes that light your fire?


This is your regular reminder that Dolly Parton wrote ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘Jolene’ ON THE SAME DAY. I will never have a year as good as that day. Please enjoy these harmonies, because your ears deserve a treat. The “I wish you love” line...chills.