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Royals Rumblings - News for November 7, 2019

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Will Jakob Junis be in the bullpen next year?

Houston Astros v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for November 7, 2019

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam has two final points on Mike Matheny.

First, what Matheny was in St. Louis is not necessarily what he’ll be in Kansas City, same way what Ned Yost was in Milwaukee wasn’t what he was in Kansas City. He learned to delegate, to trust, and perhaps most importantly let go.

Second, the impact of a manager on a big league baseball team continues to be vastly overstated. So many of these decisions are made by front offices these days, from lineup construction to bullpen management to roster makeup. Managers are less and less powerful, but the general perception has not caught up.

Lee Judge has advice for Matheny.

It’s become a trend in baseball to hire pliable managers who will do what the analytics department tells them to do. If the players suspect Matheny is a front-office puppet, it will hurt his credibility in the clubhouse. A pitcher on a roll isn’t going to like it if Matheny pulls him after 80 pitches because a front-office analytics guy told him to.

And pressure doesn’t always come from within the organization. The media and fans can apply pressure, too. Ned Yost had his faults as a manager but got credit in the clubhouse for backing players who were going through a rough patch.

If Matheny doesn’t have his players’ backs, they won’t have his.

Jeffrey Flanagan predicts the 2020 roster.

Starting pitchersLocks: Brad Keller, Danny Duffy, Jakob Junis, Mike Montgomery Possibilities: Glenn Sparkman, Jorge López, Jesse Hahn, Eric Skoglund, free-agent signingThere has been some internal talk of moving Junis to the bullpen with the thinking that his slider is more effective just once through the order. Hahn is back from elbow-repair surgery -- it will be interesting to see how he fares in camp. The Royals still are trying to get the gifted Lopez on track, but one wonders how much patience they’ll have. General manager Dayton Moore certainly will be looking for cost-efficient free-agent starters. Yes, it’s possible that one of the prospects such as Brady Singer, Jackson Kowar, or Daniel Lynch, etc., blow away the new manager in camp. But generally the Royals prefer to make such promotions after the season has started.

Matt Martell at Sports Illustrated lists one free agent each team should sign.

Three of the Royals’ top five prospects are pitchers, but until they are ready for the majors, Kansas City will need to find another starter or two to take the ball every fifth day. If that’s the goal, the Royals should bring back Homer Bailey.

The Royals request release waivers on pitcher Jacob Barnes after designating him for assignment.

Michael Huckins at Kings of Kauffman looks at the three most surprising players for the Royals.

Strong viewership in Game 7 helps this year’s World Series avoid being the lowest-rated ever.

The MLBPA is investigating Braves GM Alex Anthropolous after his comments may have sugested collusion between teams.

Commissioner Rob Manfred says automated strike zones are an option when the time is right.

Craig Calcaterra is expecting another slow off-season.

Jeff Passan previews the off-season.

The Yankees interview David Cone for their pitching coach role.

The players that did and did not make the arbitration cut-off.

Oakland agrees to reopen talks with A’s on sale of stadium, but a lawsuit remains.

Colorado legalizes sports betting.

The five most fireable NFL head coaches right now.

What your social media posts say about your mental health.

Kansas City stinks.

People love Trader Joe’s so much there are now professional Trader Joe’s influencers.

ABC will air live versions of All in the Family and Good Times over the holidays.

Your song of the day is George Ezra with Listen to the Man.