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Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2019

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Will the Cubs target Whit Merrifield?

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2019

In his mailbag column, Alec Lewis considers a Jorge Soler extension.

So what type of deal could the 27-year-old get?

It’s an interesting comparison, but early in 2019, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk, who at the time was 27 years old, signed a five-year, $52 million deal. He hit 31 home runs in 2019, a fraction of Soler’s 48 home run total. But Grichuk had proven himself for a number of seasons prior.

Lynn Worthy takes a closer look at outfield prospect Khalil Lee.

“His strikeout numbers were about the same, but I think the way the at-bats went were better this year,” Picollo said.

Picollo pointed to Lee’s increased aggressiveness earlier in the count as a positive step. As Lee continues to face higher-level pitching, he’ll have at-bats where taking pitches early will severely handcuff him.

“That give and take that a hitter needs to learn is where Khalil really made the improvements this year,” Picollo said. “He didn’t lose his selectivity. His chase rates weren’t any worse this year, but he was more aggressive early in the count. When you look at this year … his numbers didn’t really regress at all. He maintained his numbers, which is a really good sign of a hitter handling the league.”

The Cubs will make Whit Merrifield a priority, according to Chicago writer Mark Gonzales.

Merrifield will be a priority this winter, and there’s a match with the Royals involving a combination of an outfielder and infielder.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy look at minor league free agents like Bryan Brickhouse.

After years of arm problems Brickhouse worked his way back in 2018 with his 100 mph fastball but struggled in finding a dominant second pitch. With new tech available I wouldn’t rule him out from returning with the Royals or signing with another team as they try to find the grip that allows him to find a better slider or curveball. There aren’t many intriguing names to sign as a free agent but outfielder Dustin Peterson who is still just 25 could make some sense as a name to keep in Omaha. The past two seasons he had a cup of coffee for Atlanta and Detroit while putting up marginal numbers at Triple-A.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman looks at Royals pitchers whose stock fell in 2019.

Here are your Silver Slugger Awards.

The Diamondbacks will have new uniforms.

A Didi Gregorious return to the Yankees is a “close call.”

The Hiroshima Carp will post second baseman Ryosuke Kikuchi.

Dan Shaughnessy thinks Mookie Betts is being overrated by fans.

Sam Miller at ESPN ranks each MLB team on meeting their goals.

Nolan Ryan cuts ties with the Astros after his son is involved in a front office shake-up.

Rob Arthur at Baseball Prospectus looks at how much rising ticket prices is to blame for attendance woes.

Abby Jacobsen and D’Arcy Carden will star in a series based on A League of Their Own.

What is “load management” in the NBA?

Inside the campaign to prevent the decline in participation in youth football.

People are suddenly getting random old texts and no one knows why.

Martin Scorsese’s fight against Marvel isn’t really about Marvel movies.

How Boba Fett became a Star Wars icon.

Your song of the day is Charles Mingus with Fables of Faubus.