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Royals Review Radio: The end of the decade as we know it (and I feel fine) episode

Plus the Maikel Franco era has begun.

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Max Rieper, Shaun Newkirk, and Matthew LaMar wrap up a weird, wacky, wonderful decade of Royals baseball by talking about the highs and lows. Plus we discuss the Maikel Franco and what this means for Hunter Dozier. Among the topics we discuss:

What does the Maikel Franco signing say about the future of some other players?

Should the Royals take a chance on Chance Adams?

Was this a successful decade of Royals baseball?

What were the best and worst transactions of the decade?

Links to some of the things we discussed:

Jeff Sullivan’s piece on which outcome fans would prefer for their team.

Reactions to the Trevor Cahill trade.

The official game play trailer for Control.

The podcast Conan O’Brien needs a friend.

You can also follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper, Shaun Newkirk at @shauncore, and Matthew LaMar at @LaMar_Matt. Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.