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Royals Rumblings - News for December 4, 2019

Wednesday again already? Woohoo!

The pointiest ears this side of Baby Yoda.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Jeffrey Flanagan has more on the news that Mitch “MITCH!” Maier is Kansas City’s new director of baseball operations:

Royals general manager Dayton Moore admitted he has had his eye on Maier for this type of role for more than a year.

”And actually, I had a sense about this when Mitch was a player,” Moore said. “Mitch is one of the most respected people in our organization and throughout baseball. When we started talking as an organization about this move everyone had the same conclusion, that Mitch was right for it. He has an understanding of the game on many different levels.

Quick flashback to 2015, when I interviewed MITCH! about his transition from playing the previous year to roving the high minors.

While Maier has been on his current Omaha assignment, he’s been talking with Kuntz each day, bouncing ideas off him and seeking his advice.

”I had a foundation of how things work from a player’s perspective,” he said. “I knew [coaches] put in a lot of work but you don’t fully grasp it until you get on this side and get to actually see what they do.”

About those non-tendered players...

At Kings of Kauffman, Shawn Bauman makes the case for the Royals bringing Alex Wood into the rotation for a few years:

The upside for the Kansas City Royals is a pitcher who has multiple seasons of quality production, after making $9.65 million with the Reds last year he would be pocketbook-friendly, and if Kansas City’s minor league pitchers are ready sooner than anticipated he could lead them or be a nice trade piece.

Here’s a detailed look at Adalberto Mondesi’s recovery from shoulder surgery, including a helpful explanation of what a labrum is, and what a subluxation of it means.

Want to have your day ruined? Think of the name “Adalberto.” Now think of that famous line from “Oklahoma!” And now listen to yourself, you are definitely singing “Aaaaadalberto where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!”

Apparently our friendly neighbor Pale Hoes are in “preliminary” talks with the Dodgers about a trade for outfielder Joc Pederson.

The White Sox and Twins are both among the top contenders to sign free agent pitcher Zack Wheeler.

Former Royal Jake Diekman, will stick with Oakland on a two-year deal for $7.5 million.

Chris Sale has been cleared to start throwing again. Sale has not pitched since August, and missed the final stretch of the season with elbow inflammation.

Are those cheap “basic economy” plane seats worth the savings?

Let’s go on a field trip to the “Bloodsuckers” exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum.

It’s not just your imagination - Netflix’s movie library has shrunk by 40% since 2014.

A great Reddit thread of things under $25 that improve quality of life.

Have you read the impeachment inquiry report that the House Democrats released yet?

The only thing I would possibly change about this song is to make it longer than 2:05. I love Linda Ronstadt’s voice so much, even (or especially?) when she’s singing about snow removal services.