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Royals Rumblings - News for February 18, 2019

First full squad workout today!

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Royals Rumblings - News for February 18, 2019

Ned Yost still loves managing the Royals, writes Vahe Gregorian.

“People might think I’m nuts, but it’s because I love working with (general manager Dayton Moore),” he said. “It’s because I love working with my coaches. Because I love working with these players. …

“I love being with these guys. I love the relationships. I love to watch them grow.”

So much so that, akin to Moore, he will tell you “I care more about the people on our team than I do about winning.”

Eric Skoglund addresses the media regarding his 80-game PED suspension.

Skoglund, 26, repeatedly claimed he did not know how he could have ingested anything that would cause a failed drug test in November.

“We have no idea,” Skoglund said. “Something got into my body without me knowing. It was scary. It just kind of makes you think what could it have been. That’s the hardest part, not knowing. Because I’m not a guy that’s going to cheat the game. I didn’t do anything maliciously. It’s not the type of person I am. It’s not my character. It’s not how I was raised, so it sucks and we couldn’t find anything. That’s what’s going to eat me for the rest of my career.”

Whit Merrifield doesn’t want to be overlooked in the discussion on “fastest Royal.”

When asked who he thought would win a race between Mondesi, Hamilton and Gore, Merrifield went wrestling villain with his response.

“You think you’re going to leave me out,” Merrifield said. “Just those three? You’re going to leave me out?”...

So you’re saying you’d win?

“I’m saying I’ve got the title in my locker for the last two years,” Merrifield replied. “Speed can only carry you so far. You’ve got to have a little bit of savvy about it too, right?”

He also tweeted about the business of baseball.

David Lesky is optimistic about the farm system.

I said this before the 2018 season and I’ll say it again right now. I believe the Royals will have a top 10 farm system heading into the 2020 season and I’ll add that they’ll be top four or five heading into the 2021 season. I’m a big believer in MJ Melendez breaking out this season and teaming with someone (maybe Daniel Lynch) to give the system the star power it needs. Right now, the depth is becoming somewhat impressive. They go probably 14 or 15 deep with guys who would be in the back half of many teams’ top tens. The issue is the lack of stars, the top-50 type guys. I think that’s coming.

Sean Thornton at Bleeding Royal Blue writes about believing in Kyle Zimmer and Bubba Starling.

Alcides Escobar’s nine biggest post-season moments.

The Brewers re-sign Mike Moustakas on a one-year deal.

A profile of Ed Hearn, who overcame being a punchline in Kansas City, battled suicidal thoughts, and became a motivational speaker.

The slow free agent market is making contract extensions more popular.

Brittany Ghiroli talks to players and GMs about what it’s like to wait for a deal.

Zack Greinke has no interest in being traded away from the Diamondbacks.

C.C. Sabathia will retire after this season.

Did the Cubs miss their chance at a dynasty?

Tim Tebow is “all in” on baseball.

The dark side of an increased launch angle.

How Sean Forman runs the Sports Reference empire from a Philadelphia church.

A tour of multi-use ballparks.

Hockey commentator Don Cherry and the Carolina Hurricanes have a beef over player celebrations.

An oral history of the 1998-1999 NBA lockout.

How to limit which companies are tracking you on the internet.

About $166 billion in student debt is in “serious delinquency.”

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is good, but weird.

Your song of the day is Harry Nilsson with Gotta Get Up.