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Welcome new writers Josh Keiser and Jesse Anderson

Like the Royals, we had a big void to fill.

Division Series - Houston Astros v Kansas City Royals - Game One Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

When All-Star Salvador Perez went down with an injury, the Royals looked to Cam Gallagher to step up, and grabbed free agent Martin Maldonado to fill the void. We lost our All-Star last month, when Jeopardy contestant and Nicolas Cage aficionado Josh Duggan departed, so similarly we have turned to an internal option and a free agent to fill the void. Please welcome new writers Jesse Anderson and Josh Keiser.

You may be familiar with Jesse Anderson, who went by the username mrandersonmm. Duggan profiled him in the Better Know a Commenter series back in 2016, where you can find out that he was conceived just after the Royals championship in 1985! Talk about a Plaza Parade!

Here’s more from Jesse:

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t a Royals fan. Going to a handful of games a year was a pretty big tradition for my family, and my father loves to tell everyone that the third thing he taught me to say (after mom and dad) was “damn Yankees”. I probably went to 1-2 games a year in my adult life but didn’t really follow them much from 2005-2011. In 2012 I started paying attention again, and boy was my timing good.

I’m actually excited about the upcoming season in ways I haven’t felt since 2016. Sure, the Royals are probably going to be terrible, but there’s a lot of talent that could blossom before our eyes in Mondesi, Dozier, Zimmer, Keller, O’Hearn, Lopez and Phillips (and others I’m not naming, sure). I look forward to experiencing this new season with everyone in the community.

You can follow Jesse on Twitter at @jessanders1211.

Josh Keiser has been writing about the Royals at Royals Farm Report and at his own blog Warning Track Power, and we were lucky enough to be able to snag his talent for big bucks. Here’s Josh in his own words:

I’ve been devouring Royals Review content for the past 5 seasons or so and when Max tweeted about looking for possible contributors, I jumped at the opportunity. RR kinda sparked my interest in writing about the Kansas City Royals and inspired me to start my own blog in 2017, Warning Track Power. It wasn’t a very big stage but it got me writing. Then in December ‘18, I started writing for the guys at Royals Farm Report. I’ve been interested in the farm system ever since the dark ages, where that was all the fans had. Seeing as we are probably headed for another round of dark ages, I’d encourage everyone to bookmark their site as well. RFR gave me the chance to write on a bigger platform and I still plan on contributing to them as well.

I’ve been a Royals fan my whole life. As a kid, I fondly remember listening to Denny Matthews’ sultry tones on a regular basis. Wally Joyner was my first favorite Royal because he was the first baseman when I began playing first base myself. Since then, my player loyalty transitioned to the Duffman because of his loyalty to this team/city. I still get chills seeing pics of him and CC crying with fans outside of Kauffman Stadium after Yordano’s tragic death. It’s times like those that take me back to the Moneyball quote “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife (who shares my enthusiasm for the Royals) and daughter (who WILL share my enthusiasm for the Royals). I also spend a lot of time sifting through trade scenarios in my MLB: The Show franchises. For the record, my GM rating is never under a B grade, so, ya know, kind of a big deal. Along with that, I’ve been playing fantasy sports for over a decade. These pastimes have given me a well rounded understanding of all things baseball (prospects, contracts, trades, etc.) which I plan on using and building upon here at Royals Review.

I’m excited for the opportunity to join the community and look forward to getting started. You can follow me on Twitter at @joshkeiser40. See ya around!”

You can follow Josh on Twitter at @joshkeiser40.

Please welcome our two latest additions to the writing staff!