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George Brett to appear on “Undeniable” with Dan Patrick

Brett was kind enough to tell us a bit about his experience on the show before it airs tonight at 7.

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If you’ve never seen the show “Undeniable” on the AT&T AUDIENCE network (DirecTV Channel 239), it’s a show with all kinds of exclusive interviews and behind the scenes stories from some of the world’s biggest stars. Tonight at 7 pm CT, Hall of Famer George Brett will take the stage with host Dan Patrick. Brett, as most Royals fans would know, has some pretty crazy stories to tell, so this figures to be a must watch with no games on TV tomorrow night.

Leading up to his appearance on the show tonight, George Brett was kind enough to answer some questions for us here at Royals Review about his interview with Dan Patrick, and about the Royals upcoming 2019 season. Here’s what Brett had to say about his experience with Dan Patrick:

“I was invited to go on the show last year with Joe Buck but my schedule wouldn’t let me get out to Los Angeles to film the interview. This year Dan Patrick called and, Dan is one of my favorite guys in the world, they gave me enough time that I was able to make it out there to interview with ‘em. It’s almost like the Johnny Carson show where, you go out there and you have like an hour interview, one on one with Dan (Patrick). We laughed, we cried, you touch on all the aspects of life that really matter to you. Some were funny, some were sad, you talk about losing your father, you talk about losing your mother, but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experience.”

In case you missed it the other day, George Brett actually broke the news to Royals fans that Frank Schwindel had made the Opening Day roster with the big league club. I asked him what he thought about Schwindel and the Royals overall heading into 2019 and he had this to say:

“I’m very excited for them. They had a great spring. I think they lead the league in hitting and lead the league in, not only in Arizona but Florida as well, in wins. They won 18 games, the young guys played really well, the pitching surprised me, and it was just a really fun atmosphere to be around.”

Sounds like George, much like the rest of Kansas City, is excited to get this baseball season rolling.

The last thing I got to ask George pertained to Alex Gordon. Gordon has spent his entire career with the Kansas City Royals, a feat not many pull off in today’s game. I wanted to get George’s take about Gordon’s impact in the organization, and in the city, and if he thought Gordon would stick around and perhaps take on the kind of ambassador role that Brett has taken on for the Royals since his retirement.

“I could see Alex playing a major role with this organization when his playing career is over.”

I hope George is right. Small markets need their super stars to make big waves for their organizations and Alex Gordon has done that and more for the Kansas City Royals.

Big thanks to Royals Hall of Famer George Brett for giving us a few minutes of his time to answer some questions about the team heading into the season. Check him out on “Undeniable” on AT&T AUDIENCE tonight at 7 pm with host Dan Patrick!