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Attention Royals Bobblehead Nation!!!

I found something neat.

Last Sunday, our Royals held a Game of Thrones Day at the K where they handed out GoT bobbleheads to those that purchased theme tickets. They were pretty cool.

Since then, I found a company that produces other bobbleheads combining our Boys in Blue and Westeros. FOCO released their first series of bobbleheads back in February.

Those are pretty sweet as well. Out of this group, I think that Night King one is my favorite. Thankfully the Night King is an old-school guy, because a fat flip from that bat could result in a dead ice dragon.

Who doesn’t need a carefully detailed ice dragon that loves to make Royals ice sculptures? Answer: No one. No one doesn’t need that.

Now that we have axe handled bats, I’m fully here for the sword handled bats. Since batflips seem to still be uncouth, just put that bad boy back its sheath. I need one yesterday. Also, I’m just realizing that Sluggerrrr is a lion on the Iron Throne, technically making us all Team Lannister.

If you’re so anti-Lannister that you aren’t interested in the Sluggerrr version, I’ll introduce you to the Salvy version. Hopefully that throne has good elbow support.

On April 16, FOCO released their newest line of bobbleheads that, in my opinion, are next level.

For those Direwolf fans, here’s Ghost and Lil’ Ghost patrolling the woods behind Ned’s house. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The sword handle bat is back again this time around. It seems like FOCO and I were on the same page. In my Royals as GoT characters piece last week, I put an un-dead Duda in a suit of gold armor. I doubt that FOCO was headed that direction, but it doesn’t NOT look like Duda in there.

My personal favorite of the line again goes to the bad guys. The level of detail on this one is absolutely crazy. And it also answers the question “Hey, what’s Luke Hochevar been up to?”.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals
Because it kinda looks like Luke Hochevar
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Like the first round, this group of bobbleheads are limited edition collector’s items. Each is individually numbered up to the 2,019 they’re producing so order yours soon. Each ranges between $45-$60.

If bobbleheads aren’t your thing, FOCO has other products directed towards each fan base of every major sport. I did some browsing and had to talk myself out of a Pat Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu bobblehead over on the Chiefs side. You can find everything they have at and you can also follow them on Twitter @focousa.

Full disclosure: I received some free bobbleheads, but not other compensation from FOCO.