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Game of Thrones: The Long Night open thread

Not today!


Use this as an open thread for Game of Thrones: The Long Night (Season 8, Episode 3), but watch out, spoilers abound.

In this episode:

  • It’s a battle royale in the snow where lighted swords won’t do you much good!
  • Lyanna Mormont has a David vs. Goliath moment, but for reals.
  • The formula of people hiding out in a crypt full of dead people + zombie king who can resurrect people from the dead turned out as badly as everyone expected
  • Arya MF Stark!


Eh, what exactly was the plan? Winterfell’s defense seemed like it was coached by Bob Sutton.

Did more of your favorite characters die in an existential apocalyptic battle or at a wedding?

Just how bad is The Night King’s Secret Service?

Bigger clutch performance this week - Damian Lillard or Arya Stark?

Was the battle a satisfying end to the White Walker storyline? Was Arya’s ending earned? Will we ever truly know the Night King’s motivations? Are the remaining three episodes a bit anti-climactic now?

  • RIP Jorah Mormont, Eddison Tollett, Beric Dondarrion, Lyanna Mormont, Melisandre, and of course, The Night King, who never even got a line of dialogue!