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Royals Rumblings - News for April 8, 2019

Who will be the fifth starter this week?

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for April 8, 2019

The Royals are still weighing their fifth starter options for Wednesday.

The options, Yost said, likely would include right-hander Scott Barlow, who is in the bullpen right now, or right-handers Heath Fillmyer, Arnaldo Hernandez, or Glenn Sparkman, all three at Triple-A Omaha.

Yost seemed to hint that it would be someone presently on the 40-man roster.

Ryan O’Hearn talks to Lynn Worthy about situational hitting.

“A lot of it has to do with preparation and understanding what that guy wants to do or what he wants to throw you. For me, a lot of it is staying in the big part of the field. If I think stay inside the ball, stay in center field, left-center, right-center, then you can eliminate a lot of the things that happen when you don’t.

“Take a changeup with guy on third and hook a ground ball to second base or first base when playing in, that doesn’t do the job. Versus if your mindset is left-center and you stay inside of it, maybe a pitch is in or gets in on your hands but you flare one to center field or get enough of it to hit a sac fly, it’s little things like that.

Ned Yost says that some of his lineup is based on “feel.”

“Some of this stuff you do on feel,” Yost said. “Going into it you can look at Gordie over the years past — people especially in the last couple years want to know why is he hitting third if you look at his numbers — but it’s a feel that he fits good in that spot with Whit and Mondi and him and now (Jorge) Soler. They’re not going to really want to walk Gordon to face Soler.”

Don’t expect Drew Storen to provide bullpen relief any time soon.

Frank Schwindel gets his first Major League hit.

“I thought it was getting through off the bat, but then he made it closer than I thought it was going to be,” Schwindel said. “You know, after that first game I thought it was a hit and they gave it the error. It’s a good feeling to get it out the way.”

Sam Mellinger details how the Royals wanted to draft Brad Keller as an amateur, but landed him in the Rule 5.

Michael Ynoa hopes to get his shot with the Royals.

Lee Judge writes about bullpen roles and domes.

Hunter Dozier is teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Five players are ejected after a bench-clearing brawl between the Reds and Pirates.

Dan Straily signs with the Orioles.

Trevor Rosenthal still has yet to retire a hitter this year.

Are the Cubs and Red Sox really this bad?

Dallas Keuchel’s asking price may be dropping.

Angels pitcher Andrew Heaney opens up about the mental anguish from being injured.

Albert Pujols says he left St. Louis in part because of how the Cardinals handled his contract talks.

Bill James wants to see players penalized for accidentally throwing bats.

How former Dodgers star Steve Yeager turned actors into baseball players for the film Major League.

The 98-year old man behind the Elias Sports Bureau.

An oral history of the end of that Auburn/Virginia game.

Michael Jordan’s game-saving dunk in Space Jam gets the “rewinder” treatment.

Is Lil Nas X’s Old Country Road a country song or not?

Some new video games are trying to bring back nostalgia for the early days of the internet.

How Shazam! is a blockbuster from the Spielberg era.

Your song of the day is Childish Gambino with Redbone.