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Royals Review Radio: The Bad Bullpen Episode

Holy cow this bullpen is bad.

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On this episode of Royals Review Radio, our Max Rieper, Shaun Newkirk, and Jesse Anderson promise not to blow it like the Royals’ bullpen. Plus Joel Penfield of Royals Farm Report joins us to talk Royals’ prospects and make an exciting new announcement for the podcast.

Among the topics we discuss:

  • Is pitching help on the way in the farm system?
  • Where does this farm system rank in baseball?
  • Will this bad bullpen get any better? (note, we recorded this before the Kyle Zimmer demotion)
  • Should the Royals be signing young players to long-term deals?
  • How much would young Royals players get in long-term deals?
  • We have a winner for our OOTP 2020 giveaway, listen to the end of the podcast to find out our new closing catchphrase!

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

You can find Royals Farm Report here.

And 2080 Baseball, a great site about prospects and scouting, is here.

Jesse Anderson’s article on potential long-term deals for Royals players.

Sam Mellinger’s article on a potential deal for Adalberto Mondesi.

Andy McCullough’s article where Scott Boras talks about “snuff contracts.”

You can also follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper, Shaun Newkirk at @shauncore, and Jesse Anderson at @jessanders1211. You can follow Joel Penfield on Twitter at @jtpenfield. Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.