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Royals Rumblings - News for May 13, 2019

Will Gordo be in KC next year?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for May 13, 2019

Brad Keller talks about working through some mechanical issues.

“It’s kind of been the same thing,” Keller said of his recent mechanical issues. “It’s like an evolving thing that we’re trying to stop real quickly. It feels like we stop one thing and then cause another thing. We’ll get it right, and we’ll get back on the horse.”

Dayton Moore explains why the team isn’t calling up Nicky Lopez right now.

Lopez has played 14 games at second base and 16 at shortstop this season. With Adalberto Mondesi entrenched as the starting shortstop, Lopez’s path to everyday playing time would come at second base.

However in that scenario, the Royals would likely need to move Whit Merrifield to the outfield full time. The club would be hesitant to make that move permanently because there are concerns that Merrifield, 30, could break down physically if forced to play the outfield exclusively. A move to the outfield full time could take away from his offensive production. Merrifield, the club’s leadoff hitter, led the majors in both steals and hits last season.

“If they’re baseball players and they love the game, they’re going to show up and play no matter what level that they’re in,” Moore said. “That’s the common denominator of every player that I’ve been around in 27 years of player development and scouting in professional baseball. There’s value in playing every day.”

Moore also talked about the slow start for the Royals this year.

“We’ve kind of dug ourselves a hole,” Moore said. “If you’re going to struggle, you’re better off struggling early. Then find your consistency and you’ve got time to make it up. You can recover. Every team is going to go through their struggles throughout 162 games. Hopefully ours is over and we can continue to play consistent, winning baseball and get on a run. That’s what it’s going to require at this point in time.”

Jeffrey Flanagan writes that data shows Jorge Lopez has been squeezed this year.

Lopez has thrown 19 pitches this season inside the strike zone that were called balls, which puts him among the Major League leaders. Lopez has also had a staggering 89 pitches that were either inside the zone or on the corners that were called balls -- he is in the top 20 of all MLB pitchers in that category...

“It’s because his ball moves late,” Eldred said. “The umpires don’t stick with it. I didn’t realize there were that many. He’s getting punished for something that should make him an exceptional pitcher.”

David Lesky writes about Alex Gordon’s future.

I was on The Program with Soren Petro yesterday and we talked a little bit about Alex Gordon’s future with the Royals. He asked how likely it was that Gordon would be back in Royals blue next season and when I said 15 percent, he thought that was too high. The thing we don’t know without talking to Alex is what he wants to do because that’s the biggest question. He’s basically done everything he can in baseball short of winning an MVP, but that’s something that won’t be happening at this point regardless. Does he want to chase another title? My gut is that he doesn’t want to leave the Royals and that if there’s a spot for him and he wants to keep playing, it’ll be for the Royals. As he starts to come back to earth a bit, maybe the decision gets made for him and he chooses to retire as he discussed back in 2017, but I just think that given what he’s accomplished and his desire to be with his family that it’s Royals or bust in 2020 for him if he plays at all.

Paul Sporer at Fangraphs writes about some high performers in the minors, including Nicky Lopez.

Whit Merrifield admits he doesn’t know much about NASCAR.

The Jays acquire Edwin Jackson, who could be his record 14th MLB team.

Christian Yelich is showing last year was no fluke.

How Brad Ausmus suggested Justin Verlander turn to analytics.

Madison Bumgarner submits list of eight teams for his no-trade list.

Derek Holland rips the Giants front office and says he faked an injury.

How Robert Redford hit that home run from the film The Natural.

Manchester City edges Liverpool in one of the tightest Premier League races ever.

Has the window of contention closed for the Houston Rockets?

Money used as film props has begun being used as counterfeit money.

Kenan Thompson will return to Saturday Night Live to become the longest-tenured cast member next year, despite starting a new show.

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