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Game of Thrones Series Finale open thread

Well that certainly was a game of thrones.


Use this as an open thread for the Game of Throne Series Finale, but watch out, spoilers abound.

In this episode:

  • Tyrion gives the hand to being The Hand
  • Danny should beware the Ides of March and Jon becomes a kingslayer
  • Edmure Tully’s campaign goes about as well as Martin O’Malley’s
  • Apparently’s Jon’s watch has not ended
  • All those suspicious bets on Bran to take the Iron Throne paid off


So....what happened to all those ravens Varys sent out about Jon’s lil’ secret? No one cares?

Why is there still a Night’s Watch and who rebuilt that wall and for what reason?

Does anyone really think a guy that stares off into space and utters a few opaque statements can really serve as an inspirational figurehead at a time the kingdom needs to rally together the most?

They had cool potential with storylines for Jon being a Targaryen, Bran being the Three-Eyed Raven, Arya being a Faceless Assassin....and in the end none of that really mattered??

They’re going to re-make this season in a few years, right?