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Royals fans split on whether the Royals will make a good draft pick next month

The Royals will have the #2 pick this June.

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Dayton Moore looks at the product on the field he has constructed. Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

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In just a few weeks, the Royals will have the #2 overall pick in the, their highest pick since 2007, when they took Mike Moustakas. The Royals hit on early drafts in the Dayton Moore era, landing players like Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. But the team has largely had a dry spell in the first round in recent years, which has caused doubts about the team’s ability to land a good pick in this year’s draft.

Among the respondents in this week’s FanPulse poll, fans were split as to whether they trust the Royals front office to make a good draft pick this June. Just 49 percent trusted the front office, with 51 percent expressing doubt.

Some of that doubt may come from the Royals traditionally preferring prep players with high upside, but high bust potential over more lower-risk college players in the first round. High school draft picks like Bubba Starling and Ashe Russell may feed into fan sentiment that prep players are too risky, although the Royals have also had some college players that didn’t pan out like Aaron Crow and Christian Colon.

FanPulse asked all MLB fans whether they preferred their team selecting a high-ceiling high school player or a college player who can be in the big leagues quickly.

This year, the Royals are heavily linked to prep infielder Bobby Witt, Jr., over University of California-Berkeley first baseman Andrew Vaughn. Will they follow through on taking Witt or will they follow the sentiments from the FanPulse poll?

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