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Saturday Doubleheader Thread - Yankees at Royals

Double the Yankee hate

Kansas City Royals v St Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Jorge Soler couldn’t make the catch in St. Louis
Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

The Royals are playing back-to-back double headers for the first time in as long as I can imagine. They had Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday off this week. They played a double header Wednesday and intend to do so again, today, should the weather cooperate. The first game will be played at 1:15, the other at 7:15.

Jakob Junis, who has kind of fallen off a cliff, this year, will start the first game. J.A. Happ will oppose him. Happ isn’t having a particularly good season, either. He’s a lefty so Ryan O’Hearn will be forced to sit in the first game to allow Chris Owings an opportunity to strike out in his stead.

The second game will feature Jorge López making his first start in 10 days. The Yankees have not yet announced a starting pitcher for that game so I can’t make any snarky remarks about potential lineup matchups.

Honestly I’m curious how many people are still even interested in this team. They’re clearly not even going to contend in a weak American League central division, no matter what Ned Yost and Dayton Moore might be publicly saying. The lineup lacks too much consistency and the rotation and bullpen just flat lack enough talent. I’ve tried to watch some games just to kill time every once in a while but the Royals, for all they were exciting for the first month, just aren’t doing enough to keep me interested, right now. Hopefully they’ll do enough today to keep me awake so I can write your recap for you.

Game One Lineups