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This might be the worst ceremonial first pitch of all-time

But maybe she fits right in for this game?

The ceremonial first pitch can be a tough gig. Some fan who presumably hasn’t played much or any baseball in their life is asked to get out near the pitcher’s mound in front of a few thousand people and throw a ball about 50 feet. Some handle the pressure with ease, but others may be less familiar with throwing a ball and the results, well, they can be pretty hilarious.

The ceremonial first pitch before tonight’s Royals/White Sox game may be up there in a ranking of worst first pitches ever.

Here’s another angle.

Hey, that’s someone’s mom! (Supposedly she was White Sox Employee of the Month).

That is definitely up there in the Bad Pitch Hall of Fame, unless....was she trying to nail the camera guy? Did she think he was part of the paparazzi and was sending a message to back off?

Or maybe she’s just never thrown a baseball before. She wouldn’t be the only one. Here are some other first pitches that made us chuckle.

Hopefully Royals pitchers have a bit better aim!