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Weekend Rumblings - News for June 1, 2019

Welcome back, Cheslor.

Cheslor Cuthbert #19 of the Kansas City Royals gestures after crossing the plate after a solo home run against the Texas Rangers in the second inning at Globe Life Park in Arlington on May 31, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for June 1, 2019

Danny Duffy on his outing Friday against the Rangers.

Ned Yost talks about Hunter Dozier’s injury and letting Chris Owings go.

“Dozier is going to be a day or two,” Yost said. “Chris has been working so hard to try to get his offense going. He just couldn’t do it. He just really struggled to put himself in a position to make contact. Defensively, he’s as good as they come. He’s as good of a utility infielder as Whit (Merrifield), and Whit is the best I’ve ever seen.”

More from Jeffrey Flanagan:

“It was one of those situations, [the] rough night last night was kind of the catalyst for, ‘Let’s just go ahead and make the move,’” Yost said.

Flanagan writes about what the Royals might do in the draft next week.

As mentioned, the Royals went heavy on college pitchers last June, which may jump-start their rebuilding process with pitchers perhaps closer to the bigs. Of their first 20 pitchers taken in 2018, all 20 were college hurlers. There certainly is an urgency to get near-ready prospects again after suffering a 104-loss season last year, and enduring another season hurtling towards 90-plus losses. The Royals would like to be competitive again in the division by ‘21, and that means some of these college pitchers have to make a quick jump to the Majors.

Lynn Worthy talks to Alex Gordon and other Royals about what it was like to find out they were drafted.

Some minor league transactions.

Clubhouse Conversation talks to former Royals minor leaguer Josh Mitchell.

Royals Farm Report talks to 247 Sports’ Jeff Ellis about the draft.

Carlos Correa explains how he fractured his rib getting a massage.

Does Cody Bellinger have a weakness?

Zack Greinke is the master of the slow curve.

Kyle Freeland was a Cy Young candidate last year, but he has been demoted to the minors this year.

How the Reds turned their pitching staff around.

There are potential financial costs to being the 26th man.

A fake Twitter account of the Diamondbacks announcer causes some confusion when a fan shows up to the broadcast booth.

Why Cal first baseman Andrew Vaughn represents a big risk.

What the NBA playoffs mean for Pascal Siakim’s future.

LaCroix sales are in “effectively in free fall.”

HBO’s Silicon Valley will end with its sixth season.

You can now have an official Pokemon wedding.

Your song of the day is John Coltrane with Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?