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Gamethread LVII - Royals at Rangers

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Homer Bailey is still pitching.

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Baseball will occur again, this afternoon. The Kansas City Royals will take the field. I won’t say they’ll play or compete because there’s no real guarantee of that. The game will still count in the official standings, though.

The Royals will be sending Homer Bailey to the mound. Homer last pitched on Monday before the rain suspended the game. He actually looked a bit like his early season self for as long as he was in there. In 4.1 innings he struck out five and only allowed four base runners. Brian Flynn relieved him when they attempted to resume play and allowed one inherited runner to score.

The Rangers will counter with Lance Lynn. Lynn has had something of an up and down season but he looked pretty good when he pitched in Kansas City a couple weeks ago. He pitched seven innings and allowed only a single run while collecting the win. Despite his weak ERA he has only had three starts so far which saw him allow more than three runs as compared to four starts where he pitched seven innings and allowed two or fewer runs and one more where he pitched seven but allowed three runs.