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Which 2019 Royals draft picks have signed and for how much?

Plus a primer on draft bonus pools

The Royals are rebuilding, and the 41 baseball players they selected in the June draft last week will be a big part of that. Many will begin their professional careers, although some will forego signing in order to return to college, or to begin their college careers, in the hopes of improving their draft stock. Over 80% of the draft picks in the first 20 rounds typically sign, although that drops off quite a bit in later rounds.

Already there are reports the Royals have signed first-round pick Bobby Witt, Jr. to a full-slot deal, although the Royals deny those reports. But what does it mean to sign a pick to “full-slot”?

In 2012, MLB introduced draft bonus pools as a way of limiting the rise in bonuses given to drafted player. Each slot in the first ten rounds of the draft is assigned a bonus value. Each team can add all those values into one big pool - the Royals have the third-highest pool courtesy of picking so high in the draft. Teams can allocate their pool money however they see fit, with some picks getting more than their assigned slot value, but that means another pick will have to get less than slot to offset that bonus and keep the team under the pool threshold. Teams can go over their assigned pool, but if they do they are penalized, as explained by Jim Callis at

If a team exceeds its assigned pool, it faces a penalty. Teams that outspend their allotment by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks: a first-rounder and a 75 percent tax for surpassing their pool by more than 5 and up to 10 percent; a first- and a second-rounder and a 100 percent tax for more than 10 and up to 15 percent; and two first-rounders and a 100 percent tax for more than 15 percent.

After the first ten rounds, all players have an assigned value of $125,000. If any player gets a bonus higher than that, it must come out of the assigned draft pool of the first ten rounds. No subsequent draft pick can offset that bonus by taking an underslot bonus.

So you may see teams select quite a few college seniors with underwhelming results in the first ten rounds. These players are expected to take underslot deals to allow teams to sign other players for overslot deals. College senior have little leverage, and many of these players would otherwise not receive much of a bonus.

In addition to Witt, a number of other Royals draftees have appeared to sign, according to their social media.

We’ll be tracking and updating all the signings and bonus amounts right here. Let us know if you see one we missed.

Royals 2019 draft class and bonus amounts

Round Overall Player Position School Bonus Slot Signed Difference
Round Overall Player Position School Bonus Slot Signed Difference
1 3 Bobby Witt, Jr. SS Colleyville HS (TX) $7,789,900 $7,789,900 $0
2 44 Brady McConnell SS University of Florida $1,689,500 $2,222,450 $532,950
2 70 Alec Marsh RHP Arizona State University $906,800 $904,300 -$2,500
3 80 Grant Gambrell RHP Oregon State University $767,800 $647,500 -$120,300
4 109 Michael Massey 2B University of Illinois $533,000 $472,500 -$60,500
5 139 John Rave CF Illinois State University $398,000 $297,500 -$100,500
6 169 Dante Biasi LHP Penn State University $299,000 $247,500 -$51,500
7 199 Noah Murdock RHP University of Virginia $233,000 $230,500 -$2,500
8 229 Drew Parrish LHP Florida State University $184,700 $184,700 $0
9 259 Clay Dungan SS Indiana State University $158,600 $2,500 -$156,100
10 289 Anthony Veneziano LHP Coastal Carolina University $147,700 $122,500 -$25,200
Subtotal $13,108,000 $13,121,850 $13,850
11 319 Vinnie Pasquantino 1B Old Dominion University $125,000 Signed
12 349 Adam Lukas RHP University of Evansville $125,000 Signed
13 379 Tyler Tolbert SS University of Alabama-Birmingham $125,000 Signed
14 409 Justin Hooper LHP UCLA $125,000 Signed
15 439 Sean Bretz RHP University of Houston $125,000
16 469 Erick Figueroa RHP Juan Jose Maunez HS (PR) $125,000
17 499 A.J. Franklin LHP Vanderbilt University $125,000
18 529 Burle Dixon OF Cosumnes River College $125,000 Signed
19 559 Austin Manning LHP USC $125,000 Signed
20 589 Cody Davenport RHP University of Central Arkansas $125,000 Signed
21 619 Matthew Stil RHP Rowan College at Gloucester County $125,000 Signed
22 649 Jake Means 3B Indiana State University $125,000 Signed
23 679 Elliot Anderson LHP Auburn University $125,000 Signed
24 709 Alex Smith LHP University of Memphis $125,000 Signed
25 739 Josh Broughton 3B Valdosta State University $125,000 Signed
26 769 Jay Charleston OF University of Tennessee $125,000 Signed
27 799 Zack Phillips LHP University of Mississippi $125,000 Signed
28 829 Riley Boyd RHP Jefferson College $125,000
29 859 Jon Beymer RHP Wabash Valley College $125,000
30 889 Jimmy Govern 2B Eastern Illinois University $125,000 Signed
31 919 Mikey Filia CF University of California-Irvine $125,000 Signed
32 949 Saul Garza C LSU $125,000
33 979 Patrick Smith LHP Purdue University $125,000 Signed
34 1009 Justin Fall RHP Brookdale Community College $125,000
35 1039 Jonah Dipoto P University of California-San Diego $125,000 Signed
36 1069 Andy Martin CF Hialeah Senior HS (FL) $125,000
37 1099 Reggie Crawford RHP North Schuylkill HS (PA) $125,000
38 1129 Augie Sylk RHP USC $125,000 Sigi
39 1159 Jorge Corona C Miami Killian HS (FL) $125,000
40 1189 David Estevez RHP Pembroke Pines Charter HS (FL) $125,000
Subtotal $0 $0
Total $13,121,850 $13,850