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Ned Yost’s approval ratings among the lowest in the league, according to Fanpulse results

Could Ned be on a hot seat?

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Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

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Frustrations are setting in for the Royals who have been much worse than their own expectations for the second year in a row. The Royals are 22-46, the second-worst record in all of baseball and they are on pace to win just 52 games, even worse than their 58-win season last year.

The losses have begun to direct fan ire at manager Ned Yost. Despite being just four years removed from winning a championship, Yost has received the brunt of the fan frustration for another 100-loss season. According to our latest FanPulse results, Yost has one of the lowest approval ratings in all of baseball.

MLB manager approval ratings, according to FanPulse results, as of June 11

Team Approval rating
Team Approval rating
Houston Astros 100%
Minnesota Twins 100%
Philadelphia Phillies 100%
Tampa Bay Rays 100%
Texas Rangers 100%
Colorado Rockies 98%
Milwaukee Brewers 97%
Baltimore Orioles 94%
Chicago Cubs 93%
Arizona Diamondbacks 89%
Los Angeles Dodgers 88%
Detroit Tigers 86%
Atlanta Braves 84%
Toronto Blue Jays 84%
San Francisco Giants 83%
Oakland Athletics 82%
Cincinnati Reds 79%
Seattle Mariners 75%
Boston Red Sox 74%
New York Yankees 72%
Cleveland Indians 68%
Los Angeles Angels 66%
St Louis Cardinals 62%
Miami Marlins 60%
Chicago White Sox 59%
San Diego Padres 54%
Kansas City Royals 48%
Pittsburgh Pirates 45%
Washington Nationals 40%
New York Mets 14%

Mets fans have completely bottomed out in their support of second-year manager Mickey Callaway, despite a record near .500. Bullpen blowups in Washington have undermined support of Nationals manager Dave Martinez. Pirates fans have lost patience with Clint Hurdle after losing seasons in two of the last three seasons, plus a losing season so far this year.

After those three skippers, Yost has the fourth-lowest approval rating. And that is despite his approval rating holding pretty steady since the end of April.

Could Ned Yost be on the hot seat? According to Sam Mellinger, the Royals have at least discussed the possibility of shaking up the coaching staff, although Yost himself may not have been the one discussed.

Speaking of approval ratings, our national FanPulse question this weekend asked fans how they felt about Commissioner Rob Manfred. And SB Nation baseball fans are polarized!

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