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Royals Rumblings - News for June 19, 2019

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Can Cuthbert cut it?

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Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for June 19, 2019

Lynn Worthy writes that Jorge Soler’s big season is due to preparation.

“It’s part of growing,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “It’s all part of getting here and learning how to establish yourself. It was the same thing with (Eric Hosmer) and (Mike Moustakas) and (Lorenzo) Cain and (Salvador Perez) and all those guys when they first got up.

“None of them really understood what it meant to have a plan of attack because they were just so talented. In the minor leagues, they didn’t need it. When you get here, you’ve gotta have it. There’s a huge difference.”

Cheslor Cuthbert wants to make the most of his opportunity.

While he’s with the big league club, Cuthbert is utilizing the staff’s analytics reports more to digest scouting reports and information at a more detailed level than those afforded in the Minors. Working closely with quality control coach Pedro Grifol and hitting coach Terry Bradshaw -- who has worked with Cuthbert since he held his previous role as Minor League hitting coordinator -- has helped Cuthbert create a better plan for each at-bat.

“He’s already performed here. It’s just a matter of getting his mind right and putting him in a good position to hit,” Grifol said. “Making sure that he’s aware of who’s pitching against him that day, what they’re going to try to do to him, and that’s what he’s been doing. In reality, preparing him for a game is the most important part of his day, and he’s doing that very well.”

Vahe Gregorian spoke to Dayton Moore on topics ranging from trading Whit Merrifield to Bubba Starling.

Toward that point, Moore referred to his belief that certain key components (doubtless Dozier and Adalberto Mondesi and the out-for-the-season Salvador Perez among others) of the future are on this team.

“We certainly have to look at some things with (moving) players who are going to be free agents at the end of the year,” said Moore, who said he’s been getting calls from other general managers checking possibilities. “I don’t anticipate us moving any of our players that we have under (contractual) control for a period of time.”

Dan Szymborski at ESPN ranks the pitching staffs in baseball, with the Royals coming in at #29.

What did you expect from a team that started a season with Homer Bailey as one of the intended pitchers in the rotation? Ian Kennedy has been weirdly effective in relief, but the best thing you can say about Kansas City’s pitching staff is that you won’t have to watch it after September.

Alec Lewis spoke to Daniel Lynch about the discomfort that led to his stint on the injured list.

“(It was) extremely frustrating,” Lynch said, referencing the time of the injury with the success he had been having. “But it’s all a learning experience because there’s that, like, I have to figure out what I can pitch with. I need to learn what’s discomfort and what’s pain. I’m trying to take that as a learning experience. Because coming back and learning that it was nothing serious, maybe there could have been something done two weeks ago, like (I could have) taken some time off or something.”

Joel Goldberg nearly gets nailed by a foul ball.

A few Royals are mentioned on the top 50 trade candidates for the deadline.

Max Scherzer breaks his nose while bunting in batting practice.

Why are relief pitchers so hard to figure out?

Christian Yelich’s power surge was years in the making.

Why aren’t pitchers throwing more sinkers?

MLB calls the statement by the umpire’s union calling out Manny Machado “inappropriate.”

The Brewers cut the cord on Brett Lawrie’s comeback attempt.

The White Sox will extend their protecting netting.

The stadium wars have entered the minor leagues.

Chris Paul wants out of Houston.

Who owns the moon?

Google is accused of stealing song lyrics from sites.

Showtime’s quiet transformation is underway.

Your song of the day is Lizzo with Good as Hell.