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Royals blasted in Seattle, 8-2

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That sweet sweep will have to wait until next time.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Keller gave up four runs before the Royals got an out. That was the end of the game, essentially.

The final score was 8-2, Mariners. They salvaged the last game of the series to avoid getting swept. It wasn’t a good day for Keller. There really isn’t a ton to analyze.

The first four hitters for Seattle: double, walk, homer, homer. Keller didn’t give up any additional runs until the fourth when the Mariners hung three more on him. He gave up seven and all in 4.0 innings. He needed 95 pitches to get 12 outs, and his ERA ballooned to 4.45 in one of his worst outings of the year. He K’d five and walked two.

The Royals’ offense wasn’t good for much. Alex Gordon hit an RBI groundout. Cam Gallagher bounced an RBI double over the fence a few innings later. That was it.

I’m trying to come up with some interesting things to say about this game, because I don’t want the recap to only be 150 words. The road alternate jerseys are pretty cool, I guess. Seattle is a nifty city. Both of these teams’ fans deserve better. There’s that, I guess?

The Royals are 25-49. They come home this weekend to play the first-place Minnesota Twins at Kauffman Stadium.