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Gamethread LXXXIII - Royals at Blue Jays

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Homer Bailey take the mound for the club from Kansas City.

Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The Royals lack starting pitching depth. Yes, you’re going to be inundated by statistics from last year’s draft class all year; and those stats will be front-lined by the four college starters the Royals took at the top of the draft. But between the guys in the big leagues and those guys - who have just barely begun making inroads into AA-ball - there is almost nothing worth mentioning. Eric Skoglund finally came off of his suspension but he’s going to have to make several appearances in AAA before you’d really want to consider letting him start a big league game. And even that disregards that many of you were dissatisfied with his performance last year.

So Dayton Moore added Homer Bailey to the roster to give them that depth. And Homer has been the second most valuable pitcher on the team at the halfway point, despite constant and repeated calls for the Royals to move on from him. There’s a very good chance he’s the Royals’ most valuable trade chip come July. The Royals continue to exhibit that when you go diving in the dumpster of MLB castoffs often enough you can find the occasional treasure. And that treasure will be on the mound for the Royals, today.

The Blue Jays will counter with Marcus Stroman. Stroman broke out in 2017 with 201 innings of 3.09 ERA baseball. He fell back a bit last year but he’s returned to form this year with a 3.04 ERA through half of the season. He has made four starts in his career against the Royals with a 2.42 ERA. It wouldn’t be easy to face him even if the Royals could put an entire major-league-caliber lineup on the field.