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Watch Bobby Witt, Jr. react to being drafted by the Royals

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Welcome to the Royals, Bobby!

The Royals made Bobby Witt, Jr. the second-overall pick on Monday, making him and his father, a former third-overall pick by the Rangers in 1985, the highest drafted father-son duo ever. Watch the moment the younger Witt finds out he has been selected by Kansas City.

Here is Royals scouting director Lonnie Goldbert making the call.

Bobby talks about getting the call from the Royals.

The Royals had been in on Witt for awhile.

And he likes their colors!

Bobby knows a bit about Royals history!

But he’s focused on winning a state title this week.

Of course, he had to rib his dad a bit.

Dayton Moore seems pretty excited about the selection.

And don’t worry about what this means for Mondesi. They can make room for both.

And Jim Callis had the highest priase for Witt.

Welcome to Kansas City, Bobby, we’ll be rooting for you!