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Royals Rumblings - News for June 7, 2019

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Will the Royals ever win a series again?

Boston Red Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for June 7, 2019

Danny Duffy talks about a rough start that saw him take a line drive off his right knee.

“My warmup pitches felt like the pitches prior (to the ball off the knee),” said Duffy, who said his knee was sore but fine. “But then the intensity ramps up. If I’m not finishing, it’s not going to work out. I’ve got to make adjustment and those adjustments were not made.

“It’s a bummer the way it went down today, I really wanted to get this team a win today, I really wanted to start us off with a win going into the next series with a win and feeling good about ourselves. There’s not a whole lot to celebrate right now.”

Sam Mellinger writes about legendary Royals scout Art Stewart, still making his mark in the draft.

“If the guy’s got some ability you never discount genes,” Stewart said. “Genes are a big thing. You’re seeing more of it all the time.”

By the time we’re off the phone, it’s been a half hour or so and we’ve talked about Patrick Mahomes (“is he going to win the MVP again?”), Ben Zobrist (“we had to go get him”), Kelvin Herrera (“I saw his fastball is down to 93, 94”) and of course tee ball.

A conversation with Stewart is often the best part of a day and if it’s not, you’ve had an exceptional day.

Marcus Meade at Royals Farm Report has some picks to watch from day three of the draft.

Burle Dixon – OF, Cosumnes River College, 18th round

Dixon may be one of the better known day-three picks for the Royals. He was actually a Baseball America top-200 player. At 6’5”, 185 pounds, Dixon is a big, athletic prospect who smashed the ball at Cosumnes River College (a junior college) this spring (.335/.474/.553), and if the Royals are able to sign him, they’ll have themselves a projectable outfielder with some raw tools. “Raw” is a key word there. Dixon needs to gain some strength and continue to refine his skills against better competition. He’s a test for the Royals’ ability to develop raw players with tools, but if they can harness his talent, the Royals may have something special.

Bradford Doolittle writes about surprises and disappointments for each club.

Disappointment: Ryan O’Hearn. O’Hearn might be too young to really drive any expectations, but the Royals have tried very hard to make him a platoon regular at first base. He’s hitting under .200 over 167 at-bats in 2019 and, for his career, he has a .485 OPS in 73 plate appearances against lefties. He has power, but needs to find a way to contact the ball with a modicum of consistency.

Seth Wingerter at Royals Farm Report also gives out draft grades.

Dallas Keuchel will sign a one-year deal with the Braves.

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