Dayton Moore’s remarkable run of poor decisions

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All MLB GMs make mistakes. There are too many transactions and too many players to not need a few mulligans. It’s the good ones that avoid big mistakes when it comes to decisions at the big league level, when large contracts are involved or when selecting players in the first two rounds of the draft.

NBA GMs make a few key decisions and then their court side seat. NFL GMs deal with the cap so much that their focus is the draft, plugging holes in free agency and the occasional big money signing. MLB is a whole different animal; 50+ draft picks and international signs, multiple minor league teams, lots of moving parts.

from the time the parade had been cleaned up to now, GM Dayton Moore has done the unthinkable: failed on virtually every decision he’s made. With the fork firmly planted on the 2019 season, that’s now 4 seasons of mistake after mistake after mistake.

Instead of ruining your day with a list of 50+ decisions, I’ll take the broad strokes approach:

2016- attempting the back to back: resign Gordon to a much too long, much too long contract, give an average pitcher in Kennedy 72 million dollars, plug holes with the likes of Wang and Moylan, flip Dyson for Nate Karns, sell the Cardinals Jose Martinez.

2017- Ok, that didn’t work, but fortunately we have several big assets on expiring deals that we can use to avoid an organizational collapse and be back and contending as early as 2019. It’s almost perfe.......nope. Let’s try this again. Bring me Jason Hammel, Brandon Moss and Soria. Just to be safe, let’s move Wade, but not for a few prospects, but for Jorge Soler. Him and Moss will become the new Bash Brothers!

July 2017- ok, we are within spitting distance of a wildcard but there are obvious holes and better teams in the way. It’s time to flip those.......nope. Bring me Maurer and Buchter for a future piece in Strahm and high ceiling prospect in Ruiz. Not only did it not work, but Maurer was the final nail in the 2017 coffin.

2018- ok, we are going to suck. Let’s grab some reclamation projects and younger FAs and give kids a try. Nope; it’s Duda time. At least we found a reclamation project, who we let go to thrive in Arizona. But we have a live arm in Alexander; let’s use him to get out of Soria (who ends up netting the White Sox 2 prospects). On the guys we do deal, let’s take back AAAA guys instead of legit prospects because we don’t rebuild.

2019- As we find out later, of all the crap moves, one player will become a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, that player will be released to make room for Duda 2.0. At least we have 20 million dollars to find a couple future pieces or flippable players.....bring me Owings, Boxberger, Peralta, Diekman and the main prize, Billy Hamilton.

This is how we end up who we are. Ironically, the worst, most devastating mistake, was nixed by ownership. Eric Hosmer on a 100+ million dollar deal would have been a death blow.

The above capsules look a lot like Dayton’s early years. If not for the incredible luck of Baird drafting Zack, Zack demanding a trade and the Washington and Texas trades falling apart, there is no 2014/2015 breather. All the stars aligned, even with Omar Infante on the roster.

Dayton has to go. There is no plan. The next "wave" is nothing more than every other team has coming. Compared to some, our wave is a fart in a bathtub. The team needs a new GM, new player development, a new scouting department and if it helps, an unblocking of in the locker room.

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