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Royals Review Radio: The prospects episode

This episode has 80 Future Value!

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We focus on the minor leagues in this episode, with Max Rieper and Shaun Newkirk joined by Joel Penfield of Royals Farm Report to talk about the top prospects in the system and how minor leaguers fared this summer.

Among the topics we discuss:

Did the Royals let money get in the way of acquiring a prospect?

Who is the best prospect in the farm system?

Is it time to worry about Bobby Witt, Jr.?

What should the Royals do about the struggling Wilmington hitters?

Who should be protected for the Rule 5 draft?

Royals Farm Report on the Royals not eating Ian Kennedy’s contract in a potential deal for Joey Wentz

Shaun Newkirk’s Top 20 prospect list

Alec Lewis’ article on players to be protected for the Rule 5 draft

You can also follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper and Shaun Newkirk at @shauncore. You can can read Joel Penfield at Royals Farm Report and follow him onTwitter at @jtpenfield. Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.