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Royals Rumblings - News for August 20, 2019

Will Gordo return next year?

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New York Mets v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for August 20, 2019

Alex Gordon discusses the future with Matt Ehalt of Yahoo!

Gordon said there are some days when he feels an overwhelming sensation to return. There are others when his body is sore and he misses his family of five. Those are the days when the 35-year-old feels it may be that time.

Gordon is enjoying his best offensive season since he re-signed although he’s scuffled as of late, posting a .258 average and a .737 OPS.

He is hopeful he can finish strong.

“I just want this season to be over with and step back and see if I still have the drive and motivation to come back and play again,” Gordon said about making a decision on his future. “And if they want me back too.”

Jeffrey Flanagan gets the explanation for some of those Players’ Weekend Royals nicknames.

Duffy is on the injured list, but he could be activated in time for Players’ Weekend. He said Alex Gordon and him decided to switch their nicknames in Spring Training.

“So many times in Spring Training we’d be shagging fly balls in the outfield, and I’d catch one and fans would yell, ‘Hey Gordo, throw me the ball,’ and vice versa,” Duffy said. “So, we just decided to make it easier for everyone.

“And then, just the other day, I’m walking into the stadium with red shorts on and someone yells, ‘Hey Gordo. Go Big Red [Nebraska]!’ I mean, do I really look sculpted like Gordo?”

Adalberto Mondesi will begin a rehab assignment at Omaha today.

The Royals announce their 2020 spring training schedule.

Pitching prospect Kris Bubic highlights the Baseball America Hot Sheet.

The Braves claim Billy Hamilton off waivers.

Old friend alert.

The Kansas City T-Bones are getting evicted by local government for failing to make utility payments.

Team payroll and wins are pretty closely correlated this year.

Chris Sale will likely avoid Tommy John surgery.

Bob Nightengale gets a bunch of former big leaguers to complain about the state of the game.

Will the Dodgers make room for prospect Gavin Lux this September?

For young pitchers, learning a changeup is key.

Little Leaguers mock Craig Kimbrel.

A minor league team has to cancel all games over the weekend due to Mumford & Sons.

Clemson is #1 in the pre-season college football polls for the first time.

Manchester City is warned against using facial recognition technology on fans.

Icelanders mourn the loss of a 700-year old glacier.

Why cashier’s checks are involved in so many online scams.

Kevin Smith announces a He-Man anime series for Netflix.

Your song of the day is Better than Ezra with Good.