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Royals Rumblings - News for August 21, 2019

Yelling at old men yelling at clouds

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Minda Haas Kuhlmann

The MLB season is a long one. With that in mind, the Royals are monitoring Brad Keller’s workload, writes Lynn Worthy of the Kansas City Star:

“We’re definitely monitoring his innings load,” Yost said. “If it gets to a point where we feel like he’d benefit from missing a start, we might do that too just to give him a break. We’re just kinda going start-to-start and seeing how he’s feeling, how he’s doing.”

Prospect expert Clint Scoles has a Patreon now, and put out an interview with Jackson Kowar ($) for his subscribers:

Your curveball appears to be a better pitch for you recently than it has in the past. How do you feel about it currently? The biggest thing for me is just throwing it, in college, I didn’t throw it enough in games to really develop it. Where here I’ve definitely upped the number of times I throw it which has been the best thing for me. Getting used to throwing it in situations I would have never thrown it before. A part of it is getting a full season and a lot of reps. The pitching coach Doug Henry has stayed on me to keep confidence in it and not giving up on it along with throwing it in situations I wouldn’t always be comfortable in bug giving more conviction when I do throw it. There is a long way to go with it but it’s nice to see a little bit of improvement.

Alec Lewis’s latest Royals notes column at The Athletic ($) contains this note about reliever Jake Newberry:

Outside of a walk Saturday night in a key seventh-inning spot, Newberry, 24, has pitched well, particularly against right-handed hitters, since his promotion. He has a 2.93 ERA in 27 2/3 innings, including a 2.00 ERA against righties.

“To his credit,” Yost said, “when he was here last, he then went down and lost 20 pounds. Now his fastball is consistently 95 mph. And he’s always had a good slider.”

The Royals have added a lefty to the Northwest Arkansas roster:

(They’re good dogs, Brentz.)

Nick Heath posted an Instagram story a few days ago indicating he wanted to get to 70 steals. Some potentially bad news for that quest:

Matt Provenzano of Beyond the Box Score brings a comprehensive guide to bad-faith criticism of baseball. The impetus for this, I assume, was a USA Today “old man yells at cloud” MadLib by Bob Nightengale (you don’t have to read it; it is the same as hundreds you’ve read before) that was also discussed by Samar Kalaf at Deadspin.

In Houston Astros news, Carlos Correa is likely heading to the IL with lower back stiffness of some kind. Correa missed 50 games earlier this season after breaking a rib getting a massage.

Major League Soccer is coming to St. Louis. I’m told they’ll be called Provel STL, but my source (my brain) could be wrong (it is).

Evidently Antonio Brown practiced with the Raiders with an NFL-approved helmet.

Streaming lots of Netflix at work got the headline, but I really feel like this employee’s abuse of company funds and airline miles are the worse offenses. People stream TV shows in the background of legitimate work time all the time; I won’t act too horrified about that.

From Bloomberg, a piece about how The Athletic is “thriving among media layoffs.” (Related, but much more pessimistic, reading from Deadspin last week: “Let’s do the math on The Athletic.”)

Kawhi Leonard is part of an effort to give one million (!!) backpacks to kids in three LA school districts.

Pardon the yelling, but MY FAVORITE BOOK WON THE HUGO AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL. ‘The Calculating Stars’ by Mary Robinette Kowal is only the 17th book to win the Nebula, Locus, and Hugo. Its sequel, ‘The Fated Sky,’ was published very shortly after the first book and thus won’t be eligible for next year’s Hugos. But if you buy the first book*, you should get the second*, because you will absolutely want to keep reading once you finish the first.

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Here is a Tumblr of relatable pictures of Marge Simpson. I am increasingly a Marge as time goes by. It feels inevitable that I will describe at least one potato as “neat.”

The song for the day is my go-to at karaoke, “Make Me Lose Control” by Eric Carmen. My hair has nothing on his in this video, though.