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Game CXVI: Royals at Red Sox (Resumed)

Let’s go back in time

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to game number 116 of the 2019 season. But wait, you might be thinking. The Royals are 45-82. 45 plus 82 comes to 127. That math doesn’t add up.

Well, friends, we have a special treat this afternoon. We’re going back in time. That’s right. We have suspended baseball on our hands today.

Back on August 7, the Royals played 10 innings of baseball against the Red Sox in the rubber match of a three-game set. Then, Mother Nature so rudely interrupted, forcing the game to be suspended.

This afternoon, we’ll pick up where we left off. Meibrys Viloria will step into the box facing a 2-1 count against Josh Taylor, leading off the 10th inning of a 4-4 game. Here is the original game thread for this game, if you are interested.

The pitcher of record for the Royals is Jake Newberry, who pitched a scoreless 9th inning, capping off a strong effort from the Kansas City bullpen. After Glenn Sparkman gave up four runs and failed to make it out of the 5th, the Royals bullpen gave Ned Yost 4.2 scoreless innings. This allowed Kansas City to crawl back from a 4-2 deficit, tying the game on a Nicky Lopez double in the 7th.

While he is the pitcher of record, Newberry won’t even be on the roster today, as he was placed on the 10-day IL with right shoulder inflammation. Kyle Zimmer has been recalled in his stead.

The lineup for the Royals will be mostly the same as it was on August 7:

Here was the original lineup:

The most notable change to the lineup will be Billy Hamilton, who was designated for assignment on August 16. Cam Gallagher was the original starter, but he was replaced by Viloria before the game.

Enjoy today’s bonus baseball!