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Weekend Rumblings - News for August 24, 2019

What should the Royals do at first base next year?

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MLB: SEP 11 White Sox at Royals Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for August 24, 2019

Lynn Worthy writes about Brett Phillips getting another shot with the Royals.

“I just want to show the front office and these coaches that I can help the Kansas City Royals win baseball games and that they can trust me,” Phillips said. “I think that’s the biggest compliment, when someone says we can trust him. If we put him late in the games. He’s going to make a play.

“At the plate, is he going to get the job man on third and less than two outs, just stuff like that. Just show something every single day that I can help the team win.”

Danny Duffy update!

In a mailbag column, Alec Lewis addresses Bobby Witt, Jr.’s slow start.

In my conversation with Royals assistant general manager J.J. Picollo last week, he spoke about how impressed he has been with Witt Jr.’s acclimation to pro ball, particularly praising Witt’s swing and consistency.

Witt has also picked it up of late, batting .311 in his last 10 games, with 10 RBIs. Look for Witt to finish out the season in the Arizona League before moving up to Class A Burlington or Lexington to start the 2020 season. Fellow 2019 pick Brady McConnell, 21, will also play for one of those teams.

In his Friday notes, David Lesky considers what to do about first base next year.

If they do decide to go outside the organization, I think the answer is Eric Thames if his option is bought out. He brings a lefty bat to a lineup where all the power is right-handed and a great approach that the Royals need more of. He probably needs to sit against lefties, but that works perfectly because Salvador Perez will need some additional time off from behind the plate and maybe can spend some of that time at first base, which isn’t my first choice but I’m guessing that’s what’ll happen when he doesn’t catch or DH. So that makes an awful lot of sense. There are some other options like Justin Smoak or Matt Adams, but the move I fear the most is that the Padres want to get out from under the Eric Hosmer deal and Dayton Moore wants him back. Let’s just hope they go the free agent route.

Outfield prospect Brewer Hicklen talks about a three home run-night on Thursday.

”I couldn’t keep a grin off my face, I was ear-to-ear rounding the bases -- so thankful. It was a cool time for me to round those bases,” he said.

Clint Scoles gives his thoughts on some recent minor league signings by the Royals.

I think what you see in the Royals adding Nick Howard and Jake Brentz lately is an indication they lack high-velocity arms at the upper levels. This should be no surprise considering the lack of arm talent the Royals added during their run of poor draft years. The high school starting pitchers the team added didn’t progress while also working velocities that you don’t see survive much nowadays. This new group of pitchers are more veteran and already have much of that development curve past them with just some final developing and finishing left but what we’re seeing in the majors and upper levels is the remains of poor classes that didn’t develop talent.

Royals minor league outfielder Jarvis Martinez is suspended 72 games for PEDs.

Alec Lewis writes about Royals digital content photographer Sam Lutz.

Ryan Sikes at Kings of Kauffman looks at three prospects to keep an eye on for 2020.

The Orioles break the record for most home runs allowed in a season.

There are unwritten rules on uniform numbers, and those rules are being broken these days.

A judge rules the Orioles owe the Nationals about $100 million in their television territorial dispute.

How close have teams played to their preseason projections?

Who are the most improved position players this year?

Alex Rodriguez shares the details of his 2014 season-long suspension.

Should we deride the “concrete donut” stadiums of the 1970s?

Does baseball’s option structure need to change?

Is is possible to kick an 80- or 90-yard field goal?

What sport could you beat an NBA player at?

Cosmologists debate how fast the universe is expanding.

The global internet is powered by undersea cables that may be in trouble.

Disney+ announces its launch day lineup.

Your song of the day is Charles Mingus with Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.