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Gamethread CXX - Kansas City at Cleveland

All the color has been stripped from this player’s weekend game.

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians
Trust Gordon to get his perfectly white uniform dirty.
Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

There’s another baseball game being played tonight. It’s player’s weekend which should be pretty cool. Those uniforms are seriously atrocious, though. And it’s not like they’re intentionally atrocious, which could be fun. They’re just blech and unreadable.

Glenn “Sparky” Sparkman is going for the Royals, tonight. After that complete game shutout against the White Sox he had five straight games where he couldn’t even make it out of the sixth inning while always allowing four or more runs. But his last two times out he’s improved with back-to-back quality starts. The bar is low for Glenn Sparkman and if the Royals had any decent rotation options he’d probably be in the bullpen at best, but he’s making the most out of his time in the rotation while he’s got it.

Cleveland will counter with Mike “Peace Hand Emoji Sun Emoji” Clevinger. I don’t really get the joke, but I 100% approve of the use of emojis as your name during player weekend. When he’s been healthy, Clevinger has backed up his 2018 with another solid season. Last time out he pitched five scoreless innings with ten strikeouts against the Yankees to pick up his eighth win of the season. This will be his third start against KC, this year. He’s allowed one run in thirteen previous innings while striking out 16. The Royals, as usual, will have their work cut out for them.