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Royals Rumblings - News for August 26, 2019

Nicky Lopez wants to gain some weight.

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Kansas City Royals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for August 26, 2019

Jeffrey Flanagan had a number of interesting stories over the weekend, including the fact that the Royals are close to agreement on a new television deal.

An offer from FSKC was presented in May, according to sources. A new deal, likely in the 10- to 15-year range, is expected to bring the Royals somewhere near the $48-52 million range per year in rights fees.

The Royals’ present 11-year deal with FSKC, which expires after this season, was backloaded and will bring the Royals about $25 million this season, though its average annually was closer to $20 million.

Cheslor Cuthbert is relieved his 0-for-40 hitless streak is over.

“Wow. It’s a lot of relief for me,” Cuthbert said. “I don’t know what really happened. I’ve never been in that situation, so many at-bats without getting a base hit. At the beginning, I thought that’s OK, I don’t get a base hit, it’s OK. [But] after I got like 20 or 30 at-bats into it, it started getting into my head. Thank God it happened today.”

Kyle Zimmer has ditched the windup and the curveballs.

One other change Zimmer reported: He has also ditched his curveball for now. He used a hard slider that ranged from 85-87 and that sank considerably against the Tribe.

“The curve is more of a feel pitch,” Zimmer said. “And coming out of the bullpen, you don’t have time for that. Now I’m going with a hard slider that breaks down a little and then a tight slider that is more of a cutter, goes more horizontal. It just feels good.”

And Flanny writes that Nicky Lopez is looking to follow the Whit Merrifield weight-building plan this off-season.

“I told [Merrifield], I want to do it and to send me that diet plan,” Lopez told “It worked for him. Hopefully it will work for me.”

Merrifield had a word of caution.

“I’m glad he’s interested in it,” Merrifield said. “He needs it and he knows it. But it involves a lot of working out with weights and training. It was tough. But I’m happy he wants to do it.”

Baseball fans were not thrilled with the Players’ Weekend uniforms.

A look at the future star each team let get away, including Jose Martinez with the Royals.

Which team has the bleakest outlook?

Max Muncy fakes an injury to prevent the Yankees from tying the game.

Indians third baseman Jose Ramirez lands on the Injured List with a fractured bone in his hand and could miss the rest of the year.

The Orioles clean house and fire 11 scouts and front office execs.

Can Ronald Acuña, Jr. join the 40-40 club?

Why Oakland is a sneaky contender.

An explanation on the Justin Verlander/Anthony Fenech beef.

What is the legacy of analytics?

What comes next after the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck.

Team USA Basketball loses their first game in 13 years, snapping a 78-game win streak.

A Pittsburgh man becomes a legend for extraordinary acts of kindness to strangers.

The fake headlines from “The Vaulter” on HBO’s Succession are amazing.

We have a trailer for Disney’s new Star Wars-based show The Mandalorian and wait, is that Werner Herzog?

Your song of the day is The Rolling Stones with Happy.