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Royals Rumblings - News for August 29, 2019

Can I borrow a few million to buy the Kansas City Royals?

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Houston Astros v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for August 29, 2019

Sam Mellinger writes why the potential sale of the Royals is a good turn of events.

But, one more time: The optimism here is not about Glass being out, or based on any assumption of what Sherman’s spending might look like.

This is more about Glass not passing the team down to his son, and the assumption that an investment group headed by Sherman and deep with Kansas City connections will be committed to keeping the team here. Lets do these in order.

Dan Glass had long been thought by some to be the future boss. He took the club president title at his father’s purchase, though in practical terms his role has changed. He developed a reputation for meddling with baseball decisions in the early years, then was less involved, and more recently has served as a respected supervisor of day-to-day operations.

Sam McDowell and Lynn Worthy have more on potential owner John Sherman, from Sporting KC owner Cliff Illig.

Asked about Sherman’s leadership style in the business world, Illig said, “My sense he’s a good delegator, but at the same time, he’s a guy who really likes to understand how things work. If he’s leading a group (interested in the Royals), he’s the kind of guy who would pour himself into it.”

Craig Edwards at Fangraphs writes about the sale of the Royals and how it ties into their potential new local TV deal.

Compare the Reds deal to the Rays’ recent billion-dollar contract. Tampa Bay received no ownership share, but they did receive a 15-year deal that will pay, on average, $82 million per year. If the Royals are going to get less money than the Reds and not receive a stake in the network, that’s a huge step back from even the most recent contracts.

Pete Grathoff has reaction from national media on the potential sale of the club.

Rustin Dodd also wrote about the potential sale for The Athletic.

Ryan Sikes at Kings of Kauffman looks at three potential impacts from the sale of club.

The Kansas City Star editorial board cautions that any potential new downtown stadium should not burden taxpayers.

Danny Duffy feels good after a rehab start and aims to return this weekend, writes Jeffrey Flanagan.

“Everything went really well,” Duffy said. “The hamstring is fine. I just got done running three miles here. There should be no limitations.”

Salvador Perez is critical of the MLB ban on players playing winter ball in Venezuela.

“Guys in High-A, Double-A, people who don’t play in the big leagues, they still need the money because they only get paid here until September,” Perez said. “How are they going to survive after that? They’re not going to let them play in the Dominican or play in another country. I don’t like it.

“It’s not for me, not for Wilson Ramos, it’s for the young guys. They need it. They need the money. They need to play there.”

Clint Scoles has ideas about how the Royals could handle the 40-man roster in anticipation of the Rule 5 draft.

There are just two players that I consider locks to make the 40 man roster from the Rule 5 eligible list. Centerfielder Nick Heath has played himself onto a spot with his play in the Arizona Fall League last fall and his follow up season this year....Right-hander Carlos Hernandez is just that guy, with a fastball that can reach 100 mph while carrying three different other pitches that flash average. Though the pitching talent is deep in the system, leaving a pitcher like Hernandez out there would be a mistake.

Jeff Passan previews what this MLB off-season will look like.

How Shane Bieber followed Jacob deGrom’s path to stardom.

Billy Hamilton’s legs are working great in Atlanta.

Christian Yelich chooses walk-up music to troll a response on Twitter than went viral.

Former Royals pitching prospect Tim Melville had a long road to his first MLB win.

The Cardinals may have regretted the Luke Voit trade, but it is looking better now that it gave them an elite reliever.

Who had the most disappointing minor league seasons?

Looking back at the ill-fated Senior Professional Baseball Association.

Patrick Mahomes has a chance to revolutionize NFL contracts.

The Celtics are about to take small ball to an extreme.

Tourists are alerted to rolling balls of poop in the Smoky Mountains.

Restaurants are too darn loud!

Lego is introducing braille and audio instructions for the visually impaired.

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