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What would you do if you owned the Kansas City Royals?

You could, if you had one billion dollars.

World Series, Game 7: San Francisco at Kansas City Joe Ledford/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

The Royals are for sale, or were for sale, as there is now a report that a group led by Kansas City businessman John Sherman will buy the club for $1 billion. There is a lot we don’t know about Sherman and how he intends to run the club, but he is a Royals season ticket-holder who has professed that baseball is his passion, so it will be nice to get a fellow fan in the owner’s booth.

But what if that fan in the owner’s box was you? Let’s say you scraped together $1 billion by donating some blood and checking for loose change in the cushions of your couch. The Royals are now yours to play with. You want to eat all the hot dogs you can stuff in your face? They’re all yours. You want to tell Alex Gordon to shave those sideburns? You’re the boss. Want to arrange for the Royals to play your sandlot team on a field with a train running through it? Why not. You want to take naked batting practice at the K? Go ahead.

How would you run the ballclub? Would you keep Dayton Moore and Ned Yost? What would be your plan for the off-season? Would you offer any deals for fans to keep their interest? What is your plan when the stadium lease expires in 2031?

What would you do if you owned the Kansas City Royals?