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Gamethread CXXXVII - Orioles at Royals

Baseball! Enjoy it while it’s still present!

Kansas City Royals v Baltimore Orioles
It’s Jorge López day?
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

After today there will only be one more month of regular season baseball. I know the baseball we’ve gotten to watch this year hasn’t been good - especially the last couple of weeks. But before long we won’t have any baseball at all until next year. So enjoy it while we’ve got it, I guess.

Jorge López will start for the Royals. He has not been good this year. He’s got really good stuff but it’s too inconsistent. So far it hasn’t even been consistent enough for a role in the bullpen. His last start was three appearances ago and was against Baltimore, as well. He pitched five innings and allowed only a single run. Given how poorly things have gone for the rotation so far this week I think the Royals would take that from him in a heartbeat.

The Orioles will send out Dylan Bundy. The former first-round pick has not lived up to his hype, either. So far this year he’s been good enough to hold down the backend of a rotation with a 4.98 ERA and 4.86 FIP but that just makes him one of only three Orioles pitchers worth keeping in the big leagues at all. He started against the Royals a couple weeks ago, too, and pitched seven innings while allowing only a single run. It was his second best start of the season.

At least they’re using a lineup that has all the guys I want to see in it.