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MLB unveils Players’ Weekend uniforms

And we see Royals players get a bit more creative with nicknames.

For the third year in a row, MLB and the MLBPA will celebrate “Players’ Weekend”, to take place August 23-25 while the Royals are in Cleveland to take on the Indians. The weekend is a chance for players to let their hair down and show off their personalities. As in past years, there will be special Players’ Weekend jerseys, although this year those jerseys will be absent of any color.

Imagine trying to keep that thing clean over nine innings.

The players will also wear nicknames on the back to show off their personality. The Royals haven’t been so creative in the past, but it seems like this club has a bit of a sense of humor. Perhaps the best prank comes from Danny Duffy of course, who is going with the nickname “Gordo”, while Alex Gordon is going with the nickname “Duffman.”

You also have to like “Scoots McGoots” for Scott Barlow, “Yeldrab” for Brad Keller (“Bradley” spelled backwards), “Island Boy” for Corn Island native Cheslor Cuthbert, and “June Bug” for Jakob Junis.

Other good nicknames around baseball include Braves reliever Jerry Blevins with a Seinfeld reference with “JER-RY JER-RY JER-RY”, Arizona’s Jon Duplantier with “DUP THERE IT IS”, Rays infielder Eric Sogard, who will be “NERD POWER” with nerd emoji replacing the “O”, and Rangers DH Hunter Pence with a shrug emoji - “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”. All Players’ Weekend jerseys will be auctioned off. Proceeds will benefit the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation.