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Royals Rumblings - News for August 7, 2019

Soler power, powerful words, powerful music.

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Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Danny Duffy is injured. Max Rieper covered the news item here at Royals Review, and this is what Duffy told Jessica Camerato of

“We were running sprints -- it was my day to run -- in the outfield, and [I] felt something and pulled up,” Duffy said Tuesday. “It’s pretty matter-of-fact. I just went over to the training staff and told him, ‘Hey, I think I’ve either got a really bad cramp, or I’ve pulled my hamstring.’ That’s what happened. It’s pretty frustrating.”

Over at KC Kingdom, Leigh Oleszczak appreciates the under-appreciated Jorge Soler:

Even though the Royals aren’t playing for anything other than pride at this point, it’s still nice to see Soler paying dividends for the organization. If nothing else, maybe Dayton Moore will trade him this winter and bring in a few more prospects that can help the Royals get back to contending in the coming years.

Speaking of Jorge Soler, did you SEE this tater he mashed?

In a FanPost a couple days ago, BHWick took Ned Yost to task for his absolute refusal to consider using an opener.

“It wouldn’t be effective for us. That’s why we haven’t done it. We’re not fools. If we thought it would be beneficial for us, we’d do it.” says Ned Yost, a manager who started Chris Owings 27 times in the first 30 games, started Billy Hamilton 77 times, and kept using Scott Barlow over a stretch where he gave up 21 runs in 16 games over a period of 43 days. If this 2019 team has gone anything, is ride guys to wherever the bitter end is located for them.

I am a Ned Yost fan, and I generally like when he “has the ass,” but it is a bit alarming to see him give such a hard no to an idea that’s worthy enough of consideration that Josh Staumont and Kyle Zimmer have spent all summer doing it in Omaha.

The Royals’ High-A affiliate in Wilmington did this:


Baltimore’s Jonathan Villar hit for the cycle, and didn’t even realize it.

The Yankees kept the dingers coming at Camden:

The Giants have DFA’d Joe Panik, who did a thing against the Royals in the 2014 World Series about which I still have nightmares.

Do you know the guy who harassed this family of Texas Rangers fans? If so, please tell him to shush. Thanks.


The best advice column answer of the week is Nicole Cliffe smacking down a truly obnoxious softball dad. I have a lifelong obsession with advice columns, so get ready for at least one of those in every Wednesday Rumblings.

Let’s talk about MINDHUNTER, since Netflix dropped the Season 2 trailer yesterday.

Fabric remnants from clothing manufacturing have been thrown out for years and years, creating huge waste from the fashion industry. This company is saving them.

Toni Morrison died. My goodness, what a loss.

The song of the day is actually three songs, in the form of Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert for NPR. NSFW language throughout.