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Royals Rumblings - News for September 12, 2019

What do the future Royals look like?

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Arizona Fall League - Mesa v Surprise Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for September 12, 2019

Alec Lewis takes a look at the 2021 Royals roster.

Left field, Kyle Schwarber (28): Whoa! Hey, don’t blame me; that’s what the crystal ball is telling us. Current left fielder Alex Gordon could return for 2020 — a restructured one-year deal makes sense — but beyond that, the future is uncertain. Moore has done a little swappin’ with Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and the Cubs more than once before — including the acquisition of another slugging outfielder in Jorge Soler — so why not pencil in Schwarber for his final year of team control? Who knows whether they could attain him, but in creative terms it makes sense if the Cubs were, say, looking to get a young starter prospect.

Jeffrey Flanagan writes that the Royals are eyeing Jorge Lopez for a rotation spot next year.

“The answer to that is probably yes,” Yost said. “Going into next spring, I’m confident he will be in contention for a spot.

“It will depend on what he is able to do this winter and how he continues to grow, and how he produces next spring. Even if he continued to produce in the bullpen, he probably would still contend for a rotation spot because you can’t get enough of those guys. But this solidifies in my mind that he can be a starter, a productive starter. He just needs to keep moving forward, staying on the attack with his command.”

Ryan Sikes at Kings of Kauffman talks to Bobby Witt, Jr.

The experience in Rookie ball was a blast and the teammates and coaches that I had out in AZ were incredible. Getting the chance to go out each and every day and play and learn more about the game that I love really tuned out everything. With that being said I have a lot of work to do and going to work to get better each and every day and continue to learn and add more and more to my game.

Kris Bubic, Adrian Alcantara, and Luis de la Rosa are the Royals prospects honored by Baseball America’s All-Classification teams.

Dave Helling points out that the bi-state tax for Union Station could be available for a downtown stadium.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report talks to Charlie Neuweiler.

Christian Yelich is out for the year after fracturing his kneecap.

What’s wrong with Lorenzo Cain this year?

Alex Cora will return next year as Boston’s manager.

The Giants shake up their scouting department.

Bruce Bochy’s career win-loss record is freaking me out.

When discussions of player value go wrong.

Minor league baseball attendance is up.

The Miami Dolphins fire sale may already be over.

Video games are one step closer to getting into the Olympics.

A British man’s cross-country baseball trek is no walk in the park.

Why China is rushing to mint its own digital currency.

Librarians are going to war with publishers over e-books.

Obscure fairy tales that could use a movie adaptation.

Your song of the day is David Bowie with Black Country Rock.