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Gamethread CXVI - Royals at Twins

Jorge Soler still needs a home run to take the lead in the AL

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics
The only reason many of you are still here, Jorge Soler.
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

The Royals are going to play baseball today. Or something much like it. Glenn Sparkman will pitch for the Royals; he has not been good. José Berríos will pitch for the Twins. He’s been good for a while and this is his best year, yet. I don’t have high hopes for a Royals victory.

The only bit of good news is that Berríos does give up his fair share of home runs - like almost every other pitcher this year - so Jorge Soler will have an opportunity to claim the AL home run lead entirely for himself. He’s running out of those, along with opportunities to reach 50 on the season. Including tonight there are only 7 games remaining. It will take a pretty superhuman effort on his part to accomplish the second mission. Soler did hit six home runs in six games earlier this year, from August 6 - August 11. So it’s still possible, it’ll just be difficult for him. That span included two, two-home run games and were played against Boston and Detroit.