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Get your “Yost was the Most” t-shirt from BreakingT!


Ned Yost announced his retirement this week, leaving a legacy in Kansas City that includes two pennants, a championship, the highest post-season winning percentage in baseball history, and more wins in Royals history than any other manager.

What we’ll remember about Ned Yost was his strong belief in his players, his head-scratching moves that seemed to work out when they needed to, and his verbal sparring with the media. He was the Yost with the most.

Now you can remember the Ned Yost era with this new shirt from BreakingT. Officially licensed by the MLBPA, this “Yost with the Most” shirt will stay with you long after Ned has retired off to the hunting grounds of Georgia. These shirts are comfy, made of a cotton/poly blend, and are super durable, much like Ned was enduring barbs from his critics.

Don’t forget this Jorge Soler home run king shirt is also still available at BreakingT! That shirt has added meaning now that Soler could very well become the first Royals hitter ever to lead the American League in home runs.