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Weekend Rumblings - News for September 28, 2019

Ned’s last weekend.

SEPTEMBER 14: Manager Ned Yost #3 of the Kansas City Royals walks out to relieve starting pitcher Mike Montgomery in the sixth inning against the Houston Astros at Kauffman Stadium on September 14, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by John Sleezer/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for September 28, 2019

In his Friday notes, David Lesky looks at next year’s payroll.

Fill out the rest of the roster and pay off Alex Gordon’s buyout and you’re looking at somewhere between $70 and $75 million. Now, this is where a lot of the uncertainly lies because we don’t know how John Sherman budgets, but assuming saving money now won’t be added to payroll later, you could argue they have a good $25 to $45 million depending on how high they’re willing to run payroll. Let’s pretend they spend on the high side and are looking to run a $120 million payroll. They could conceivably go out and sign Corey Dickerson, Yasiel Puig, Tanner Roark, Eric Thames and Chris Martin to fill out some outfield spots, first base and a rotation and bullpen spot. I’m not saying they’re those five players away from winning a division title next year, but payroll is at a point where they’re able to supplement with more than than stopgaps and might be able to sign some guys who actually could have trade value if and when things go south.

At Royals Academy, Clint Scoles makes his case for Pedro Grifol being the next manager.

Should the owner want a more analytically friendly coach then Grifol would definitely be at the top of the list internally as he’s dug into the data for the Royals and really jumped all in with that. His Latin background would also work to blend the club and perhaps help get the most out of the Royals’ most physically gifted player, Adalberto Mondesi. Additionally, Dale Sveum comes with coach experience and a similar path as Yost, Vance Wilson was once considered a top coaching prospect and Mike Jirschele has experience and organizational experience. Off the radar, Scott Thorman is a young up and coming manager prospect who has won back to back minor league titles with Lexington and Wilmington.

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